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The online casino game industry has exploded in recent years. The ease and convenience of playing games on-demand, as well as the availability to play from any device at anytime makes it a habit for many people. It’s easy to see why more new options are continuously being developed every day!

Casinos have long been a way for people to let their hair down and enjoy themselves. But in recent years, casinos are no longer limited by physical location; they can be found on the internet as well! And what’s more, there is even an entirely new genre of casino games: celebrity-themed slots. These include games based around hit movies like The Godfather or TV series such as Friends. Below are some examples of these innovative types of online slots that you may not want to miss out on playing – especially if you’re already fans of said celebrities!

Marilyn Monroe: Blonde Legend Slots

celebrities in online pokies themes

It is a 5 reel and 9 payline slot machine that is among the most popular options among players. It offers a very attractive maximum jackpot equivalent to 1,500 coins. The theme evokes the glamour and sensuality of Marilyn Monroe through its symbols such as film rolls, perfumes, diamonds and images of the popular artists in their facets as actress and model.

It is a perfect way to admire its beauty at the same time you have high chances of making money.

Marilyn Monroe: Sum Like It Hot.

Given the popularity of the beautiful and sensual Marilyn Monroe, it is not surprising that it is the inspiration for several casino games and that these are among the most sought after by users. In this sense is the Sum Like It Hot which is a scratch game where the goal is to get 3 identical poses of the sensual figure that are repeated in the grid of 3 by 3. This game offers a tractive prize of up to 3 a thousand coins.

Soccer Stars: Top Trumps World Cup Stars

This popular slots game is based on the stars of the Soccer with central figures such as Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo, Fernando Torres, among others. It is one of the slots that offers a fairly high gain of up to 10 thousand coins if you manage to match the figures in a single line of payment.

It’s a pretty entertaining game where players can help you achieve significant profits. It is a 5 reel slot machine that contains 20 pay lines. It is one of the most popular options in recent times and you get in many of the most popular online casinos.

50 Cent Blackjack

The popular rapper who has always been immersed in controversy is the inspiration for one of the most attractive free online casino games. Although this option does not allow real bets and the winnings are in the fake money, it is undoubtedly one of the most entertaining alternatives that exist to play.

The dynamics are interesting because as more money is earned you can improve the costumes of the main character, 50 Cent, adding branded clothes and striking accessories. It is one of the most entertaining alternatives that exist today and that allows you to play for free.

King Kong: King Kong Slots

While the Kong himself was not in attendance, his presence could be felt at every spin of this game. Players are treated to a variety of symbols and themes related to King Kong such as Ann Darrow, Skull Island, dinosaurs– even some music from its iconic film! This slot will keep you transfixed on your screen while earning you big wins with just one line bet for those who like high-risk games but also offers more conservative slots players 25 paylines based off 5 reels that can’t miss when it comes to potential prizes.

The jackpot you can get by playing in this slot machine is equal to 7,500 coins if you are lucky enough to get 5 Ann Darrow on the same pay line.


Online casino games have always been an attraction for many people who want to have fun and relax for a while. If luck accompanies them, they can even make some money! Celebrity-based games are the perfect choice if you’re looking to enjoy a game with characters and elements alluding to your favourite celebrities that both admire and enjoy.

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