Cryptocurrencies and Casinos On-Line: A Combination of Succes

The era of cryptocurrencies has arrived. Undoubtedly, with technological growth, societies suffer transformations in different aspects of their daily lives. These transformations have allowed companies and industries to reinvent themselves and make available to their customer’s new alternatives for the payment and exchange of goods and/or services. To remain oblivious to these changes will not be possible for a long time since the rise of the Blockchain has made itself felt in the market in a very strong way and has been integrated on a large scale. These virtual currencies, mainly bitcoin, have been growing and thus increasing their value. Certainly, this phenomenon has not gone unnoticed in any business environment and since the world of cryptocurrencies is known, there are many large, medium and small businesses that have ventured into the exploration of cryptocurrencies and their operation

Casino Online

cryptocurrencies-and-casinos-on-lineIn this sense, the market for games of chance that is integrated into the platforms that offer online casinos has been very favored. Sports betting, pokies, poker, in short, games, in general, represent a very stable and profitable business since in recent years has only experienced a growth rate. As the incorporation of cryptocurrencies has also been present in the web market of games of chance, there are web platforms specialized in the analysis of these markets and how it has been linked to the world of cryptocurrencies. A good example of these websites is

However, this site has acknowledged some difficulties that have arisen in recent years. One of these is that some of the providers feel distrust when providing the platforms with the games. This difficulty was taken into account in the articles and reviews developed in And also have taken into account the advice to provide sports betting and online gambling more stability using Blockchain technology as support, whose main function is to allow transactions related to cryptocurrencies and data storage of these. It is assured that it can be a great tool for improving the functions of online casinos and it has been demonstrated since more and more online casinos have opted to incorporate cryptocurrencies into their systems.

Blockchain Technology

The use of Blockchain technology can help to: Streamline the processes related to payments, deposits, etc., facilitate access for new players, operators can work better with the use of these platforms, be part of the benefits and opportunities of economic growth that represent the cryptocurrencies, protect the identity and data of the players, present improvements in the clarity of the games and related transactions, etc. The websites that have been analyzed and whose results are shown on the page are those that use the Bitcoin cryptocurrency as the main one, although they do not rule out those that use other types of cryptocurrencies, and those that are called Blockchain casinos. It is important to bear in mind that there are some casinos that have incorporated cryptocurrencies in their payment and collection systems and that do not necessarily work with the Blockchain technology.

Similarly, when performing the corresponding analyzes have highlighted some online casinos that have decided not to fall behind and go hand in hand with technological progress, since they know the many advantages that can be exploited. Among them are Cloudbet, a website that offers a combination of sports betting and gambling. It integrates sporting events worldwide and constantly generates promotions for users. Its establishment dates from 2013. Among the bets offered are those of video games and live betting, its repertoire of games is quite broad for the enjoyment of users and in terms of sports betting has a large selection of sports so that the player can select and bet in the category that suits him best. 1xBit also has a mention on the page. This website was founded in 2007 and until today offers a very attractive range of games in various categories, it also stands out for its offers and its multiple betting options. On this website, cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum, litecoin, and Bitcoin are used. It favors the protection of the user’s data since it is one of the casinos that allows anonymity when placing bets. Among the sections offered are Direct (to make live bets), Sports, Champions Lottery, Casinos (which includes games like roulette, Blackjack, poker in various versions, Jackpots, etc), 1xGames (which contains exclusive games), slot machines, games for adults and lotteries.

Demand By Users

For its part, the website FunFair deserves a separate distinction for being one of the most recognized and demanded by users. And it is not for less because among many things this page has developed the “Destination Channels” that provide solutions to the problems presented in the Ethereum chain. The computerized Jez San, who is in charge of the positioning of the platform’s CEO, granted an interview to CasinosBlockchain. In this, he talked about the presence of the page and of course the future and his expectations. Those who work at FunFair have identified some frequent problems in the operation of online casinos, among them, are the need for a very high budget and performance that is sometimes slow. They affirm that with the use of the Blockchain technology both problems will be solved. FunFair also offers a very flexible and accessible system through its license. Finally, there are casinos that are currently offering bonuses in BTC to be more attractive to users.

In this order of ideas, it is pertinent to point out the most relevant benefits of the use of Blockchain in online casinos. One of them, perhaps the most valued is that with this technology you can do without the figure of the mediator in financial operations and everything related to money management. This figure is displaced by the users who can manage the money, a point evidently very advantageous. It also allows for more confidence on the part of operators and users when making transactions. Easy access and low costs are highly appreciated advantages, in addition to protecting the privacy of the data and identities of the users involved. All this is possible because Bitcoin has been legalized to work in payment systems, collections, prizes and bonuses of online casinos. There are casinos that allow users to play online even without creating an account, this favors anonymity when making transactions of medium or small figures can be received almost instantaneously, as well as for deposits.

The benefits and advantages offered by the combination of online casinos and Blockchain are not yet fully known as they have recently been incorporated and merged with one another. This incipient market has shown to be an extraordinary merger that could positively alter the market for sports betting and gambling. Sites like CasinosBlockchain have observed this reality and have dedicated themselves to appreciate it more closely through a series of studies that can be read on the interface. These investigations are intended to keep up to date with all those people who in one way or another are participants in the world of online casinos. In this way, they will be able to inform themselves opportunely about everything that is happening around this topic.