Online casino guide – Faster withdrawals

3 Simple Steps to Faster Withdrawals from Online Casinos

It’s always a good feeling when you win money from playing online casino games. But the feeling of excitement quickly turns into frustration when it takes days or even weeks for your withdrawal to be processed by the casino. In this blog post, we are going to discuss 4 simple steps that will help make withdrawals faster and more convenient for you!

Make sure you know what casino withdrawals are available to you. Some casinos will offer a variety of options such as e-wallet, wire transfer and more while others may only have one or two payout methods. The sooner that you can identify your withdrawal method the faster it is possible for them to process your request!

The word “faster” has been used twice in this paragraph. Please find another synonym for “fast.”

When you win money from playing casino games on the internet, it makes you happy. But when it takes days or even weeks for your money to come out of the casino, that can make you angry. In this blog post we are going to talk about 3 steps that will help with withdrawals and make them happen faster!

When a player wins at a casino like CasinoLand, he/she usually gets the winnings when he or she converts the chips into real money. In the online gambling industry, however, actually getting your hands on your winnings takes some time, and highly depends on the casino, and on the withdrawal method you choose. In this guide, every player from New Zealand can find out how they could get paid, and how much time it takes. There are lots of options, and it’s important to know what you can expect, so you can plan your future payments accordingly. Depending on the method and on the state of your account, the top casinos like Spin Palace and Jackpot City pays you in 2-3 business days, which is the industry standard.

How to set up your casino account for faster and sure payouts

faster withdrawals from online casinosEver joined a casino and then had issues? I know, it sucks. But don’t worry! It turns out the most common reason people have problems is because they create them themselves!

So here’s some advice for you:

Make sure your computer meets the minimum requirements to run software like this. If not, that could cause connection issues or crashes.

Only download from legitimate vendors of online casinos, so you can be sure you’re getting what you paid for and no malware (which would ruin your day).

Be careful with your email addresses—give one to the casino on registration and keep it private if possible. This will help limit spamming by other companies who want to sell their

Always use real information. The casinos won’t ask you to provide sensitive information on registering, but later, when you have to prove your identity and that you are of the legal age, you might have troubles caused by information mismatch.

Join only trusted casinos. We have here a lot of online casinos for NZ players. These have already proven themselves, and you can trust these, as they are safe and secure.

Use your own credit or debit card. The casino will ask you (usually when you first try to withdraw) to send in a picture of both sides of the credit card you used to make a deposit. If it’s not yours, you may not be able to withdraw to it, and it might turn into a quite long process to prove that the card’s owner actually let you to use it.

Use validated e-wallet accounts only, so you won’t have troubles withdrawing the money to your bank account. Usually, these e-wallets and the casinos ask you for the same types of documents.

In order to be able to prove your identity, age and address – mostly because of the international anti money-laundering laws – you will be asked to provide different documents. The identity and age checks usually take up a day or two, depending on how busy the customer support is at the time. You will be asked to send in an email with these documents:

  • An identity document that has your photo: national ID card, passport or drivers’ license.
  • A utility bill for a service used at the address you entered when you joined the casino. (proof of address).
  • If you used a credit or a debit card to make a deposit, you have to send a copy of its front and its back.

On this page you can read about the New Zealand casinos that work with these types of eWallets.

Payment options for withdrawal: Credit and Debit cards

Basically, every online casino accepts MasterCard and Visa. It’s a fast and reliable payment solution, though many players don’t like it because they have to enter their credit card details at the casino. For withdrawals, most casinos accept Visa, while the MasterCard generally isn’t supported. The Visa withdrawal time is usually long but takes no more than 5 business days.

Bank Transfer

Depositing and withdrawing from and to your bank account directly is fine, but the very slow solution. The wire transfer takes up more than just 3-4 business days, and it’s true for both directions.

However, if you consider that you have to wait 2-3 days for the money to be transferred from the casino to an e-wallet, and then another 2-3 days to your bank account from there, then you are actually in the same time-frame. Though it’s slow, the direct bank transfer is one of the safest methods.


Though you can’t send money to the casino via cheque, you can withdraw your winnings with this method. (In many online casinos, you can deposit with e-cheque, though.)

The casino could send you a cheque, although this kind of withdrawal has the longest waiting time. It can take up to a month or so for you to receive your cheque, and your address details have to be thoroughly punctual. We only advise you to withdraw using this method if you have nothing else, and you don’t mind the long waiting time.


Well, nowadays, everyone got to have an e-wallet. New Zealand users may have Paypal, Neteller, Skrill or use POLi. However, the Neteller and Skrill e-wallets are the best for withdrawals, because Paypal doesn’t really work with online casinos (only in a few countries), and POLi is designed for Aussies.

If you have a Neteller account you are quite lucky because you can make deposits with it, and also withdraw your winnings in a short time. In case you use an e-wallet for managing your casino money, you could be certain that your money will be always on time, and you can access it fast.

Our recommendation for casino players is the Neteller because you can opt-in for a MasterCards, which grants you direct access to the funds on your Neteller account. In most cases, the online casino withdrawal time for e-wallets is 48-72 hours – if you are verified in the casino and you have a verified e-wallet account.


If we were to vote about which method is the best, we would place our votes on the e-wallets. They are usually free and are widely accepted. You can use these wallets to pay in online stores, casinos, and you can benefit from fast withdrawals too.

Though Paypal is not accepted in most NZ casinos, the others are quite good alternatives, and some of them are even cheaper. When it comes to gambling, money, and speed is always the first, but let’s not forget about security: the e-wallets offer an additional security layer, and you don’t have to give out your credit card or banking information to the casino.

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