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In the recent 2 decades, gambling business has witnessed a wide spread of online casinos. The casinos became really popular due to their engaging websites and lucrative offers. Such wide spreads of online casinos enabled literally everyone to play at the comfort of their home. Online casinos are always providing brand new trends and fresh gaming collections, which make them truly convenient. If you consider the costs of upgrading existing pokies machines at brick and mortar casino’s, you will realise that online casinos are inevitable. And since online gambling has massive popularity, adding a deeper touch of reality has become a must. So, this is where Live Dealer Casinos come from.

All types of top-notch bonuses at casino’s sites in NZ

live-casino-bonusesNo one can deny that great bonuses are truly lucrative. It is also true that fresh players receive super attractive bonuses upon registering. Online casinos compete to get more players, which is totally in the players favour. Such competition will lead more impressive discounts and promotions. These promotions would come in many forms. For example, a new player might get gigantic bonus once providing the 1st deposit. Also, you might get your entire initial credits and the casino will not ask for a security deposit. Casino’s attractive promotions are actually never-ending, so you might hear many other attractive bonuses.

In fact, the casinos listed here support of high roller system of bonuses. However, we are going to explain the most famous types of bonuses to relieve any sort of confusion you might be experiencing in that matter.

Bonus without depositing

In this case, the online casino will let you have a bonus without providing any type of security deposits. You will receive the bonus on your casino account. Sometimes, it can be a small amount that comes with additional spins for free. It can also take the form of a moderate amount of cash to help you begin your adventure. You can use the received money to play if you want a humble beginning or you might just add some more to receive better rewards. This types of bonus is also known as no deposit bonus.

Free Spins as bonus

The credit for making and spreading this type of bonus goes to NetEnt. The company created this bonus system to announce their strong return into the online business. The system offers additional spins for free to all new players without asking them for providing any deposits. This system will enable them to go for NetEnt fresh online pokies and enjoy real money playing at Net Entertainment online casino and players do not have to make a deposit. The success of this offer encouraged other pioneer gaming companies to do the same. So, Playtech and Microgaming are also offering free spins on their fresh video slots.

Bonus for the first time deposit

This offer is very significant. This offer includes that new players receive a bonus once they provide the first deposit. In the most cases, the bonus is 100% of deposit amount. Sometimes, it can even reach 500%. The bonus will be available in a player’s account to use on the entire game collection. All casinos’ sites are interested in supporting their client’s playing adventure and make them get more gains.

High Roller Bonus

This bonus is for true adventurers. Top-notch casinos are offering thousands of bucks for adventurous players. Higher roller bonuses are usually offered within the first two months to encourage those players to continue gaming and gaining. So in case you are into true gaming thrill, this type of bonuses will definitely satisfy you. You should look for a site that is offering the best percentages. Going for a VIP membership can also be a convenient thing to do.

More Bonuses Offers

Top-notch online casino sites in NZ are providing each and every type of offers, rewards and VIP memberships. These offers come in different shapes. Sometimes, they are additional spins for free, cash bonuses and extra coins. They can also be in the form of activating interesting brand new additions on smartphones. Casinos can also offer their members invitations to interesting and relevant events. It is important for you to study all the bonus offers from different casinos to determine the right one for your needs.

The way to get the bonus

Attractive bonuses are integral parts of the work policy at online casinos. Choosing a trust worthy casino to join will make things easy for you to get these offers. The bonus claiming process usually works in a smooth and automatic way. However, some casinos might demand submitting the bonus code. In order to qualify for the bonus, you should also fulfill the entire casino’s requirement. You should know that fulfilling these requirements is not challenging at all reputable casinos. All you need to do is to play your favorite games, be it roulette, slots or any other category.

In case of registering at any casino site and gambling for real money, you should also sign up for receiving latest offers emails. This way, you will be aware of all promotional activities made by the casino. You should know that some offers can be optimized according to your needs and requirements such as Reload bonuses.


We recommend our audience the best casino sites in New Zealand. They provide amazing welcome bonuses that might include free spins. There are also some lucrative match-up offers. At some of these casinos, you might end up with more than 200 spins for free once you provide your initial deposit. We discuss all conditions for such bonuses in the reviews sections. So, you should take a look at it before going for any casino.

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