Live Dealer Casino Review 2018 with No Deposit Bonus

Live Dealer is the most modern trends in the online gambling business. Nowadays, online casinos are providing live dealer games that anyone can enjoy with a real human dealer. This option will provide all players with a unique and amusing gaming atmosphere. These games come with the most impressive gains.

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Enjoy live dealer games at your online casinos

baccarat-online-verveincOnline players adore this type of games due to many reasons. For example, live dealer games do not use RNG. Instead of RNGs there are real gaming tools. Actually, there is nothing wrong with the system of RNG, but some players prefer the old school dealing way. Random Number Generators are completely transparent and fair outcomes for all games and players.

Human interaction is another perk of those games. This feature is not available in all conventional online game categories. Live dealer games allow you to communicate virtually with the croupier. So, whether you play blackjack, baccarat or roulette you will be able to instantly talk with the dealer about any game related matters. Social experience is not the same in all casinos. Some online casinos provide live multi-playing experience, while others take the thing to whole new levels. For example, some casinos turn the whole game into a TV show and the croupiers will become event presenters and hosts.

Various Gaming Forms

Now, you must be all excited for the live dealer experience. So, it is time to explain the types of games that you can enjoy using this feature:

Live Dealer Texas Hold’em

This game variant is almost identical with poker games. At Texas Hold’em variant, it will be between you and the dealer. Both of you will receive two cards with face down. The dealer will also deal 5 cards on the center of the table with face up. These cards are known as community cards. The winner at the game is the one with the best hand. You will place your wager based on your chances in beating the dealer’s hand.

This game variant is absolute amazing, as it is only between you and the dealer. You will be at the comfort of your home and the dealer will be at the casino. You will definitely enjoy chatting with the dealer while trying to form the best hand. Texas Hold’em is fairly quick, simple and with generous gains.

Live Dealer Roulette

This game variant enjoys wide popularity among gamers. The layout of this style is not really different from the RNG variant. There are a wheel, board and controlling options. The live variant is also available in the American roulette version. This means that there are 2 square of 0; one for 0 and the other for 00. You are also supposed to place your wager as you do in conventional online roulettes.

The basic difference is that the live dealer will be responsible for spinning the ball and declaring the outcomes. In the online version, the mission will be up to the RNG.

Live Dealer Baccarat

Baccarat is a favorite gaming choice for several players, especially the fans of brick and mortar casinos. Players appreciate the live casino version of the game due to social interaction feature and the ability to see your competition live. So, the thrill of live baccarat gaming can’t be compared to the usual online one. It resembles the feeling of playing live versions of Texas Hold’em or Blackjack. Our team looks for the top-rated live casino baccarat, so you should take a look at our detailed section for finding the most impressive live casino collection.

Live Dealer Blackjack

This state-of-the-art blackjack variant is for all players with true passion for card hitting and standing. Basically the live version has the same layout as the online one. However, there will be an actual croupier to deal the cards. He/she will be performing this action from an actual brick and mortar casino.

The gameplay is actually easy. You just have to be ahead of the dealer to be declared a winner. The dealer will give you 2 deck cards and will keep hitting till your cards value become really close to 21. Just make sure to stop before exceeding this number.

At the live version, the dealer will be responsible for dealing and shuffling the cards. There are advanced cameras that will capture the handled cards and transmit the pics to your screen. When it comes to the transparency of the results, you have nothing to worry about. The whole thing is associated with live gaming.

FAQs – Can you explain the meaning of live dealer games?

You can consider this gaming style as a unique combination of online and classic casino experience. There will be actual croupiers that will shuffle and deal the cards. There will also be player gambling from their homes.

What is the nature of such games?

The nature of live dealer is basically the same as online casinos. The instructions and conditions are identical. However, the main difference is the human element. There is a dealer that will handle the cards and communicate with the gamers through advanced cameras.

Can I play these games on my mobile?

Casinos with big names in the industry have brought the live casinos experience to smartphones. There are many factors that control the presence of these games on mobile devices for example, the casino’s readiness and the software specifications. Keep in mind that live gaming will consume your cellular data bundle. It is recommended to activate the feature when you are connected to a WiFi router.

What is the difference between live dealer games and online ones?

The concept and guidelines of live casinos games is identical to online games. However, they can be a bit slow due to the big wagers required from gamers. Also they consume limited internet bundles. So, they can be somehow too much for some smartphones.

What does it take to call a live casino a good one?

Excellent employees and operating teams make a decent live casino. Such casinos provide powerful support for the members. The dealers look good and have nice attitude that will make gamers keen on playing with them.

What about the time duration of live games?

The time thing is determined by the gamers and the croupier. Usually, the live games have a similar time course to brick and mortar games.

Is there a room for deceitful actions in live games?

It is not really impossible to have such things. However, reputable casinos are not interested in doing such shady things, as they are interested in protecting their creditability, reputation and maintaining their members. It is always important to check any casino’s home page to make sure that it got checked by relevant authorities.


Online casino site are doing everything in their power to guarantee the transparency of their Random Number Generator systems. However, there are some players with some doubts about that system. The live casinos are considered the next step in the modern gambling world. They express the attempt of online casinos to destroy such doubts. Live casinos are also offering an improved gaming atmosphere for all types of gamblers. Currently we have stronger internet access and improved online streaming experience. Casinos are trying to benefit from these factors to enhance the live gaming feature.

Having an actual dealer to handle and shuffle the card and spin roulette balls, while you are staying at home, will bring you closer to land-based casinos atmosphere. You will be able to gamble at any of your favorite games, be it poker, blackjack, roulette or baccarat, in the best resolutions and HD video streams through your computer or smartphone.

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