What are Multi-level Tournaments?

Some of the most frequent features in online casinos that offer players different types of entertaining tournaments that are usually done for a few days. Also, each player has only one opportunity to play in that tournament, where only at the end of that tournament the players with the best results can share the final prize. However, there are currently several online casinos that hold tournaments where players can gradually pass different levels until they reach a final round of the tournament. These types of online tournaments are known as multi-level tournaments.

Also, the first round of these tournaments that are played online that have several levels is known as the qualification round, which is often a freeroll that does not have an enrollment fee. However, some online casinos charge a nominal fee for entry or entry. It should be noted that this qualification round has a set or series of events that are individual, which are performed for several days.

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One of the reasons why these online casino games are so popular is because the winning players of each of the events share a small prize pool, but that’s not all, but the big benefit that there is in the game is that these winners automatically receive free tickets for the next round. On the other hand, all players who failed to participate in that qualifying round or who failed to qualify in that round may play in the next round after canceling an entry fee. Also, this registration fee is really large which will allow the player to cancel as a kind of fine for failing to qualify.

These multi-level tournaments are supported in all the casinos that we selected for our New Zealand casino guide.

On the other hand, the number of events that are in the following rounds is usually less than the number of the qualifying round. That is why the games and multi-level tournaments that are online, advance from level to level until reaching a final round. Similarly, in the qualifying round and previous rounds, players who do not qualify can enter the next round directly to the final round, but the fees that must be paid to enter are really high.

Rounds of different tournament

Other reasons why this type of tournaments are popular, is because the prize pool that is in the final round is really big and important, which allows great participation of players worldwide.

Also, unlike the tournaments that can be obtained on the internet that only have one level and that is only performed for a maximum of seven days, these multilevel games can last up to months, which provides more fun time. Generally, the rounds that are made to classify can last between 2 and 3 weeks, depending on how the game develops. Subsequent rounds have a shorter duration because the number of participants decreases, which is why each of these rounds often lasts a few days.

Players who wish to participate can be organised for a long time in advance since these online tournaments are planned and published well in advance. Also, it is common for several groups of online casinos to make tournaments for all those groups of casinos that is why ads for multi-level tournaments can be seen on the main page of most online casinos. Likewise, ads for multi-level games are published in the news media that is dedicated to casinos, as well as in the online press.

Most usual multilevel games

The prizes offered by these online casinos in multilevel games are often not given in cash, but the most common are: big luxuries or holidays for two people with all the expenses paid, the destinations that are most requested by the Players are going to land-based casinos like Las Vegas and Monte Carlo. But, others of the preferred ones are the luxurious cruises that offer the players other opportunities to win money in games; in addition, recently one of the prizes that they offered in the multi-level tournaments was a course to learn to fly an airplane.

The jackpot can fulfil the dream journey of the player or make him a millionaire immediately, now, the time that these tournaments take place will depend on the casino, however, it mostly takes place on an annual basis, because these multi-level tournaments have a really complex logistics and planning behind them.

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