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There are gamblers out there who are loyal to Apple, and even though they can’t have it all, they stick to their Mac computers. Price and quality meets in such machines, that’s true, and though games designed for Windows can’t be played on them (only via an emulator) the Mac users still could enjoy real money gambling on their computer. 

They will have to make some compromises, but the quality of the games, the awesome promotions, and the nice bonuses you can get all make up for those small compromises. Mac laptops and desktop machines are quite expensive, and the casinos have realised that people who can afford to spend thousands of dollars on a computer, might be enjoy spending money at online casinos. That’s why it’s not a bad thing to have a Mac, as almost every online casino (the top ones, at least) has Mac-friendly software and design.

How you can access the casino games on your Mac

Online Casinos Playing On MacWell, it’s pretty simple: you just have to open the browser and login into the casino account. There is no need to download the casino client or whatsoever: you can play the best games of the chosen casino right from your browser. Nowadays, online casinos are switching to HTML5, which is compatible with not just the Mac’s browser, but with also mobiles, so there is no limitation in accessing your favourite games. When it comes down to banking, the in-browser access for Mac users does not require compromise: you can deposit and withdraw just like you would do when you use a downloaded client. Also, the bonuses are there too, which means extra money is always obtainable, just like free spins.

There are two additional options for you if you don’t want to settle with only a portion of the available games:

  1. There are two additional options for you if you don’t want to settle with only a portion of the available games:
  2. Use an emulator to create a virtual Windows environment, where you can download the casino client.

Both solutions are good, and with the strong computers nowadays, a good Mac wouldn’t even build up a sweat.

Game types of Mac compatible online casinos

There are hardly any games left out from the list of available games when it comes to the instant play casinos. You won’t access every game the casino software provider has, but with 300-500 games, you still have a good variety to choose from. Here is a quick list of the major game types:

  • Pokies: the pokies are the major games of the online casinos. The fast, colourful slot games are making people happy, and with the overall good return-to-player rates they are even good ways to make money.
  • Roulette: the favourite game of many New Zealanders and others from all around the world. It’s not easy to beat, but with the outside bets offering almost 50% chance to win, you are in a lucky position when you play this game. The modern online casinos also offer Mac compatible live dealer roulette too.
  • Blackjack: another great game, where a proper tactic can help you earn more. In a few casinos, you can find blackjack versions which grant you the surrendering option, so if you don’t feel lucky, you can surrender half of your bet. Live blackjack is also available.
  • Video poker: another basic, yet very popular game for New Zealand gamblers. Mac users will find all popular variations in the browser lobby of their favourite casinos, such as Deuces Wild, Jacks or Better, Joker’s Wild or Double Bonus.
  • Craps: the game of dices is still popular, and though it’s the best played in a real casino, the online version is fun and nicely-paying too. Especially if you have a good strategy.
  • Baccarat: though James Bond plays poker nowadays, the baccarat is still having a great player base. It’s classy, fast and exciting.
  • Keno, scratch cards: at least one basic Keno and a few scratch cards will be listed in the browser lobby.


Playing at Mac compatible casino is perfectly safe, and there is no need for you to worry about it: on its own, the operating system of the Mac computers is quite secure, and in addition to that, there are the casinos’ own systems.

Bottom line on Mac compatible online casinos

You are going to love playing the online casinos’ games on your Mac PC or MacBook. These games are a bit simplified, but the hot features are all in there, so there won’t be any problems with taking advantage of the nice features. We strongly advise you to take time and explore our website. We have several of the best Mac friendly online casinos reviewed, and we might even offer you some extra bonuses. Take a look at the reviews, and find a casino that suits you, and is compatible with your Mac.

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