How to get a Positive Value with an Online Casino Bonus

Casino platforms often tend to offer bonuses as an attraction to capture the attention of new members. Gambling fans tend to hunt these bonuses in order to use it in something positive that will later serve to increase profits. However, a bonus can have a bad or good impact, but the results will depend clearly on the player and his strategy for once the requirements of the game are met, this does not turn into something negative, but increases profits or opens a door to new opportunities to invest that money.

For this reason, players are constantly questioning which of the bonuses offered by online casinos, you can turn them into a winner and what possibilities they have of acquiring one. The odds are very high since it is a strategy used by online casinos to attract new members. It is a fact that for a time, there were the members who lived on the gaming bonuses, but now the bonuses offer positive values ​​from time to time for any player. Below I will show you tips to find a bonus with a positive value that will help increase your profits

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Type of bonus No 1 “the house bonus”.positive-value-with-an-online-casino-bonus


Applies to any card casino game, especially for blackjack, for this, the one who keeps the bonus is the one who has “the advantages of the house”, a clear example of how he gets it, is that he must follow a vital strategy that allows him the position and with it obtain the maximum of one percent, this translates to $0.01 in favor in each bet that is made of 1,000 bets of $1. The calculations show that the rest of the players lose at the end an approximate of $10.

Type of bonus 2 “House Edge vs. Bonus.”

This is an ambiguous case since it requires a strategy to take advantage of the bonds taking into account the losses of the “house bonus”. In the previous example, the players lose $10 per house at the end of the 1000 hands that the blackjack game requires, but what happens when a player has a bonus of $15 after finishing the 1000 blackjack bets? By reasonable logic, I would only be receiving $5 after losing $10.

No one in their right mind wants to bet money and lose, that is why in order to acquire a bonus with a positive value; you have to analyze how much money you could earn and how much money you would be losing by the time all the requirements of a casino game.

Strategy for the online casino bonus

The first thing that should be taken into account, are the terms and conditions of the platform, this will be vital for you to get the bonus. Generally, online casinos double the amount of the deposit after complying with the basic regulations, so a 100% registration bonus can be up to $100.

One of the rules of the game is that in order for a player to withdraw their funds, he has to make a bet of at least 45 times the amount of his deposit bonus. Based on this rule, if the bet of your deposit bonus is $100, it will be ($100 + $100) x 45 = $9. 000 before you can withdraw your funds respectively.

These types of conditions must be anticipated before choosing an online casino game so that it does not result in losses. You must take into account whether or not you are authorized to release the bonuses in any game that you have selected because many games of chance do not include these bonuses in their terms and conditions.

If for example, you decided to play with blackjack, based on the previous example, the house advantage is 1% so once you have bet the $9,000 you will lose $90 ($9,000 x 0.01 = $90) Respectively.

Final score

According to the example, he had a loss of $90, but in turn, he also received a bonus of $100. This indicates the true result of the positive value, these two factors are those that must be evaluated before registering on a casino platform online, also taking into consideration the following points:

  • Make sure the extra value of the game.
  • Read the terms and conditions with which you can obtain the rules of the bets.
  • Make a comparison of the amount regarding the advantages of the house with the number of bets.

If you conclude that the value of the bonus is above the amount you have to invest to get the bonus, then it is a convenient positive value, otherwise, it is not worth it and it is advisable not to invest foreign currency in it, for that no type of loss results.

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