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Nowadays, when you can make payments in a few seconds, security is even more important than ever. You pay with a web wallet on Ebay and Amazon, and if you don’t have one, you can enter your credit card at almost every site nowadays. There are bad folks out there, however, who are just waiting for you to visit a poorly secured site and give you information which they can steal then. Well, you may think you are an exception, and such things couldn’t happen with a simple online gambler from Canada. Let us tell you something in advance: it can happen, but the online casino we recommend to you all have high-security rules and systems enacted.

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The importance of security


Finding the best secure online casino is not an easy task. We have here several great online like 21 Dukes which have good security, and players from Canada can perform almost every action they could think of: depositing money, withdrawing money. However, there are always risks. These risks are higher if you use your credit cards to make a payment, while with web wallet, you are a bit safer: there is a third party (the web wallet) between you and the casino’s payment processor, so you don’t need to give out your direct banking info. In the case of issues, you can turn to the casino, and to the web wallet, so there is one more place to seek help from. And why security is really important? Well, it’s your money! Do you want to lose what you’ve won on that jackpot game? The answer is no, right? So, that’s why you have to seek trustworthy, safe and secure online casino.

How the casinos defend your info

The first line of defence is what the casino provides. There are digital encryption measures which offer high security for you, and for the casino.

  1. HTTPS: The HTTPS is the advanced and more secure version of the old HTTP protocol. The secured Hypertext Transfer Protocol is a must nowadays for any site that handles confidential information and money.
  2. TLS and SSL: these are two widely used security protocols, which are used to encrypt the information between you and the casino. If you see the “128 bit SSL” sing at a casino, you can be sure that you are at a good place.

The second line of defence for online security is what you provide:

  1. Use different passwords for your email, web-wallet, online banking account, and casino. This way there is a much lower risk that you lose any of your accounts and thus you lose money and the access to your things.
  2. Always use the security questions features for every account, whether it’s a casino or web-shop. Write down the questions and your answers for every site, and keep them on your desk.
  3. Avoid public Wi-fi, and always log out and delete the browser cache or even the history of public computers.
  4. If it’s offered, take advantage of the two-step login options, as they are usually free.


Apart from security, it’s important that you join only casinos which clearly state that your information is safe and won’t be used or sold for third party marketing reasons. The best secure online casinos have their terms of service carefully worded and they are always easy to located. If you don’t want to receive phone calls or emails from the casino’s marketing and promotional offices, there have to be an option to opt-out from it and forbid the casino from doing so. If you don’t find it, you can always get in touch with their customer service to exclude you from promotional offers.


Well, viruses feel old-school nowadays, but bad programming or a deliberately launched virus can ruin your gambling life, and make you lose money. Since such events destroy a casino’s reputation, the secure online casino sites have on-site anti-virus, and their software is also virus free. Also, it couldn’t hurt to have your computer equipped against viruses and leaks. (This means, you shouldn’t stick to your old Windows XP machine, no matter how much you love it!). In case you use a smart phone or a tablet to play casino games, you should have these:

  • A good firewall from a trusted company
  • A top-notch and up-to-date antivirus
  • Secure Internet connection, which means free Wi-Fi is out of the question!

How can you find the most secure online casino sites?

  1. Step 1: Check our reviews to see what we, and other users say about the top casinos for Canada players.
  2. Step 2: Take a look at the casino itself. There are four important things to look for:
    • Does the casino show its license numbers and name of the related authorities?
    • Does the casino have an eCogra seal? And can you open the reports?
    • Does the casino offer a direct link to its Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy?
    • Does the casino have an “SSL Protected” seal, anti-virus seal and does it use HTTPS?
  3. Step 3: Read everything carefully.

How can you avoid being scammed or robbed?

  1. Always play at safe casinos that we and the Canada gambling community recommends!
  2. Always read thoroughly the Terms and Conditions and the Privacy Policy!
  3. Always use payment processors you know and trust. If you are not comfortable with giving your credit/debit card info to anyone, use a web-wallet, or a pre-paid solution.
  4. Ask before you do something you are not sure about!
  5. Don’t be afraid to get in touch with the casino, the eCogra, or the local gambling authorities to resolve your problems.


We are very picky with online casinos, and we always put the most trustworthy and most secure online casino sites on our recommended list. Naturally, you don’t have to trust our judgment, and if you want, you can always try and find the information yourself! Nevertheless, take security seriously for your own sake!

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