Strategies for finding loose slot machines in a casino

Slot machines are very popular among casino players, because of their ease of use and how fun and exciting they can be.

But for those players who love this particular game for fun, they can really consider the idea of ​​obtaining considerable profits from them, the most appropriate strategy is to get one of these loose machines, the truth is that these machines have a prize with a percentage higher, a rather bold player can intelligently plan the plays to obtain considerable gain in a short time.

 One of the strategies to be used by the player should be that he plays with a high number of coins; in this way, he will have more chance of winning the jackpot; before consulting the payment table of the machine to verify the amounts.

The quantities are shown in a table consisting of a small printed sticker; this shows the winning combinations, as well as their percentages. For those players who do not wish to bet on the maximum, you can look for a less expensive machine, the possibilities exist in this game.

 The player can try his luck by betting on a machine that has a minimum of 25 cents, but with a maximum of $1, in that case, he can bet the maximum, bone $1 and thus get better results. This strategy is better if used in the jackpot, but it also works well with normal slot machines. Remember you can also play your favorite slots online in reputable casinos like Jackpot City.

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Try the machine payment

strategies-for-finding-loose-slot-machines-in-a-casinoThe most convenient thing is to test the payment percentage every time you sit on a machine, place a few dollars and see how much you recover is a good way to do it, after some trial time, the player must realize if it is resulting or not , you should see how balanced the game is.

If you are getting very good results then you should stay, since it would be in front of a loose slot, otherwise it is better to look for another machine. If in half an hour you have already spent about $20 and only recovered $10, then it is not a good result, and you have to try another machine.

A mistake made by some players is to choose a favorite machine and stay in them; it is impractical to devote so much attention to a single machine in particular.

Play on multiple machines at once

This is a feat that experienced players often do. This is because according to the beliefs of many players, these machines are located next to the compact machines, these players are also fully convinced that by increasing the number of machines, they will leave more free space and more chances to win.

Do not spread too far

Players sometimes extend a lot between one machine and another, which can cause them to lose track of each other, and get to the point of not knowing which machine they are playing with. There you have to be very careful when using this strategy since the player could lose a lot of money in a short time.

Know when to stop playing

It is better than the player has a budget of how much he can afford to play and lose. Setting the limits is vitally important, and not having the money they are for other obligations to play in the casinos.

It is also good that the player does not fall short of ambition, if he already won a considerable sum it is better to save the winnings, and to limit himself in the amounts he will continue betting but with the money that he enters, without taking into account what he has already won, in this way you will keep track and your losses will be minimal.

Game machine with good payments

The more money the player bets, the higher his winnings will be. This can be verified very easily, machines that only require a payment of $1 or more than that, will always pay a percentage of 95% or 99%, but machines that only require only 25 to 50 cents, will only pay a 92% or 95%.

As you can see the higher the amount the greater the percentage of profit, on the other hand, you have to distrust casinos that offer 95.5% of profits since to make such a promotion they must have special machines for that amount; generally, most have only standard machines.

Other data that must be taken into account is that slot machines do not usually publish their percentages publicly, it is good for the player to take their precautions and make their inquiries, and at least you should see the “help menu” of the machines to verify.

Usually, the percentages of slot machines are maintained for a long time, even years. There is a myth among the players that say that the payment rates of the machines do not change overnight, which seems to be true.

Do not play progressive jackpot machines

The truth is that these machines accumulate money from the players very slowly, and then show it to their players as the grand prize. But the reality is that the chances of obtaining this award are very, very scarce, almost impossible to achieve, but there may be exceptions.

These are special machines for casinos, with them they can obtain large amounts of money from players, who play in it with the promise of winning a grand prize, perhaps several million dollars, This is a great marketing technique by of casino operators to attract more players, do not be fooled.

But many players take risks and play in these progressive jackpot machines, in that case, you must bet the maximum amount of money, in this way you will be eligible to qualify for the jackpot, instead other people avoid these machines, unless the amount is excessively tall.

On the other hand, it is also good that players know that the machines must reach a percentage of the payment, to achieve this they must make payments periodically, and someone can be the lucky winner of a grand prize.

Do not play in multiple slots in lines

The main feature of these slot machines is that it has multiple pay lines, number lines and symbols that will determine the percentage of earnings.

And the combinations will be multiple and many ways combined to win, it is very tempting for the player, this should not be fooled, usually, this type of machines have lower payments than the other standard machines.

One way to detect them is when they announce “many winning combinations.” They can also be distinguished by the number of columns and multiple rows of payments

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