5 Strategies of the Casinos to Stay afloat

The casino business attracts an incredible number of players per year. From Las Vegas to Mallorca, the Mann Islands and the city whose earnings exceed expectations. With such a consolidated position, it could be doubted that this business still needs a source to dissuade new users. Reality does not stray too far from this assumption; however, over time the gambling halls have implemented strategies that allow them to stay afloat, attract audiences and keep the vein entertained for which they are recognized.

These ways range from new gaming options to promotions, live shows, and solicitous customer support. With any effective idea, the business prospers, evidencing itself in the annual reports that reflect the entrances of the casinos in comparison with other sources of entertainment. In short, these are the brightest ideas in history.

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Live entertainmentthe-casinos-to-stay-afloat

The Hollywood industry had a decisive impact on the way ordinary people appreciated gambling halls. With tapes set in these places, the notion that linked casinos with glamor, luxury and opulence was created in popular culture.

Maybe the reality is not so minimalist, but in places like the Bellagio – one of the most important hotels, casino, and resort in Las Vegas – it is the live shows and clients dressed in their best costumes that are striking. In that sense, it is fulfilled in a certain way with the most elementary principle of these places: money spins the most important pieces.


Without discounting the deep success that the cards, dice, and roulettes have meant for the casinos, it is undeniable that with the slot machines this influx of players grew exponentially. However, the deepest boom dates from the changes in the system, when the manual coil processor was modified by a microchip that generated random numbers.

From there, the slot machines began to associate with adrenaline, entertainment easy and random in its pure essence, so it allowed winners without many mathematical reasoning skills, but damn lucky to take home millions of dollars.

World Poker Tournament

The first dozen players who sat in the first local poker contest never imagined the magnitude that this contest would represent for casinos in the world. The Poker Tournament is part of the most ingrained tradition of gambling, calls the most important media, leaves millionaire triumphs and stimulates the participation of new gamblers in the promised paradise of card games. Famous personalities came out of this contest, world records broke and, as expected, it entered popular culture as an expected event annually, specifically in the month of July.

Online casinos

Technology helped reinvent many businesses. Casinos, of course, were no exception. From the first slots and video poker machines to the casinos full of online software, the transition has been fruitful, evolutionary and full of fun! To these benefits joins, of course, the growth of users around the world. With the ability to play whenever and wherever in the world, the audience found a source of online entertainment with which to spend leisure time and make money in parallel. And without leaving their homes!


With the arrival of the online rooms, it became necessary to attract an audience that, to date was distrustful about the cybernetic processes. That’s how the bonuses that today became so valued arrived. At first, these promotions involved small amounts that could be claimed at the beginning, with the subscription. Then the deposit bonuses appeared -which doubled the initial amount! – And, finally, the recognized sticky bonuses that today are used for occasional games.

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