The magic dazzles with the new launch of the slot of Queen of the Crystal Rays of Microgaming

Queen of The Crystal Rays, is the new slot game that has recently launched one of the most important gaming developers in the world of gambling, Micrograming, This is a typical and thematic game of adventures.

This game is now available in all casinos online with Microgaming slots. Its appeal is because it is very interactive, something that fascinates players, in addition to being designed with a 6 x 4 reel format, it also comes with 50 paylines and Any Adarest Wins. It has become very popular especially for jackpot players because they can win up to 2500 their original bets.

The scenario where this slot game, Queen of the Crystal Rays, is based on a centennial temple, which is located in a very remote place forgotten from the rest of the world. Witchcraft and mysticism, will be what accompanies the players all the time, in this mysterious game.

The Queen of the Crystal Rays is very attractive for players and offer many free spins, for those anxious players, in addition to offering bonuses among its elements, and to complement the Crystal Rays function. Players who expect to live great emotions in online casino will not stop living the experience offered by this new slot, which also has very visual elements with very attractive and enveloping sounds, to attract the player to that lost world.

queen of crystal rays slot gameTo further complement the attractions of this Queen of the Crystal Rays slot game, it also has elements that are very striking and iconic, such as the precious and vibrant stones that are part of the environment, next to the Queen of Crystal Rays, which will be accompanied by cultural artefacts.

The whole function focuses on the rays of the Crystal Queen, its powers are visible while the function is at stake, this is a prelude to what comes next when the queen’s mystical powers are randomly activated in any of the spins, and it is there when the reels expand in a very striking way, until they double in size.

The game becomes more and more dramatic as the glass beams light up. Everything becomes more intense, every time the players pass the rays bounce off the reflectors. The symbols can be transformed into wild cards or double multipliers, once the reels stop spinning. These way players will have more chances to win.

To activate the bonus round of the mystical Queen of Crystal Rays players must hit more than three scatter symbols anywhere on the reels, so they will be getting 4 bonus rounds, at this stage players will have many chances of winning many prizes that include, cash, credit values, and multiplier crystals that are even higher.

This game of Queen of the Crystal Rays has been characterised by its charm, and all the operators of this game have experienced it.

The studio that has launched this Crazy Tooth Studio game has also been responsible for the launch of the popular slot game Artic Valor. But now the players are delighted with the spell and the world of mysticism, jokers, multipliers, bonuses, crystal beams, and many of the attractions of this majestic game. 

The multiple functions of this game have made it very attractive, you just have to look at its captivating soundtrack, and its images that surprise by its colourful and fantasy.

This dazzling slot was developed exclusively by Crazy Tooth Studio, for Microgaming operators, online games already have the new Queen Of The Crystal Rays, it is very attractive for having six x four reels, its profit potential is much more broad, with 2500 more times of its initial bet, and with 50 paylines, it has made this spectacular slot very popular.

All those players who are attracted to mystery, magic, and fantasy, will be attracted to the magical world of the Queen of the Crystal Rays, its unique features, including wild cards, many free spins, not to mention the great potential of profit for your players.

What makes this spectacular slot so attractive is its design, with dazzling scenarios, visual effects, very striking symbols, which include a very dazzling queen, with her own magic and her golden artefacts and vibrant gems, the whole scenario is enchanting, Same as the players.

The powers of the Queen are unleashed at random with any of the turns, once this happens the reels expand and double in size, there is a lot of dynamism on stage when the glass rays intensify and then bounce off the reflectors of rotating glass.

When the reels stop then the symbols then become wild cards or multipliers. This gives you more chance to win the players.

The Queen of the Crystal Rays bonus is activated once the symbols land, their players will receive four bonus rounds, and this increases the action and emotion of the players because the game gets more intense. The crystals are part of those of the highest multipliers and these are given with each bonus round, each crystal is higher than the previous one.

Players will have the opportunity to explore a world of mysteries, full of magic, and fantasy with this extraordinary slot machine Queen of the Crystal Rays. Graphically speaking it is fascinating what the developer Crazy Tooth has done for Microgaming operators.

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