Money back bonus: The perfect solution for casinos and players

Currently, many online casinos offer generous bonuses. Among the most common bonuses are the registration bonus or welcome bonus, bonus to recharge, bonuses by a friend to a friend and the bonus for cash back. 

This last bonus is considered one of the rare because many of the bonuses granted by online casinos can anticipate different bets as an essential requirement for receiving the bonus. However, this bonus difference because it is based on the bets that the player has already made, in addition, generally does not need any future obligation by the player, except the prerequisites required by the game.

The player must bear in mind that this bonus of return of the effect is only compensation of only one percent of all the losses that the player had during a specific period of time established by the casino. Generally, the amount of this refund bonus is 1% of the amount of loss created by the player at a certain time, in this way the casino may limit the figures. 

On the other hand, in some online casinos, this percentage varies, placing it at around 10 or 15 percent because there is currently no rigid rule on this refund bonus. Likewise, the validity time of this bonus may vary according to the rules of the casino. In the same way, it happens with the maximum amount in the limit of the bonuses and the different ranges according to the conditions and rules that the online casino has.

Widespread bonuses offered in casinos

 The central idea of this bonus is simple. While the players who win the games automatically earn money so they will be happy, so you will not need to have this bonus. But players who lost the game and money need incentives that motivate them to keep playing, which is why online casinos give them this bonus to keep trying their luck. Undoubtedly this money back bonus is a perfect solution.

Most online casinos have the option of giving players bonuses to increase their luck; some of those bonuses are registration, recharge and cashback bonuses. But what makes this money back bonus so weird? The main feature that differentiates it from the other bonuses mentioned above is the general bonuses offered in online casinos are made in advance, which is why players make more bets as a result of them, while the bonus of 

Return is only made or work for bets that have already been made. Usually, the cash back bonuses do not have future obligations for the players, except for the different betting requirements that are associated with the bonus granted.

Opportunities for the cash back bonuses

This bonus is a perfect option for online casinos because it allows all players to have rewards and somehow win. Thanks to this bonus, players at CasinoLand can stop worrying if they do not win, because when losing you also have the opportunity to win and continue playing. 

The cash back bonus allows players who have lost everything in the game to have more opportunities to play and keep investing in the online casino, that is, it is an incentive or reward for the player to keep putting their luck to the test.

There are also online casinos that offer these return bonuses with a certain degree of regularity. For example, if the established validity time is only one week, players who lose at the end of the week have compensated a percentage that is established by the amount of their loss or the maximum amount allowed by the bonus. 

Other online casinos offer cash back bonuses regularly but place the time limit of the losses. While some casinos apply this refund for losses created on a specific day, other casinos apply this bonus as a special promotion, on an occasional basis. Or it can also be applied to reintegrate the losses created in specific games. Everything will depend on the casino.

It must be remembered that the amount or percentage of money that is returned to the player will depend on the online casino and its internal rules, as well as the time in which it will be reinstated, as well as the playing time that will be valid for the reintegration and regularity with which they make these returns, for this reason, we always recommend that before participating in the game the user knows well the rules and regulations of the online casino.

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