The Best Place to live an unforgettable Experience is the Table Mountain Casino

Every time you go to a fun center, it’s an experience that sticks with you. Bright lights and diverse sounds invite visitors in – once they sit down by the slot machines or video games, they’re immersed into this fantastic world of winning money!

Money in Fresno

the-table-mountain-casinoAt Table Mountain Casino, located in Friant, California, you can spend moments that will be worthy of repeating again. This game center opened in 1987, offers spectacular options for the player who wants to bet and try the variety of alternatives that it has. Among the slot machines, table games, poker and the large room with bingo games, you can transform the visit into an opportunity to earn thousands of dollars and also have the best attention. The security of the facilities, the private surveillance, the constant promotions, the food services, transfers and the organization of group events make Table Mountain Casino an excellent place to play.

Massive Jackpot

The past day 29, of the month of August of 2,018, happened an event expected by the majority of the visitors of this center of games. One lucky player took the surprising amount of $95,360.42, thanks to the accumulated Cash Jackpot Massive. The happy winner, who belongs to the Club formed by the players of the center, to get the mentioned pot, excited gave the “Thanks Table Mountain Casino!”, When the FuXuan slot, which is his favorite game, suddenly stopped and He could see the notice announcing that he had earned the maximum prize.

The amount of this reward had increased for some time and constantly, waiting for the lucky one to carry all the money. The Massive Cash Jackpot started at $50,000 and, recently, had achieved the sum of $95,360. This option to take an amazing bonus and assigned in a fortuitous way is only found in this casino. Once it begins, it is constantly increasing and can range from $50,000 to $150,000. To become a creditor of this amount, it is not required to complete a specific series of icons on the drums. Simply, you must count on luck and be playing in the machines with a card that accredits you as an exclusive member of the Club.

Record in Prizes

This famous casino has gained popularity in California, for all the benefits it provides to the clientele. Also, the advantages of belonging to the Club are numerous, since the member has multiple ways to earn money. During the month of July, $13 million was handed out, distributed among the regular players. It is expected that in the month of August, the fortune will accompany the members who will have fun and enjoy the entertainment.

Events and Activities

One of the attractions of the Table Mountain Casino is the varied program of activities, which are detailed in the calendar of events. If you plan to visit the facilities with a group of friends, you can request the transfer service from assigned areas in the city of Fresno.

Also, it can be integrated into the center’s new project, which is called Jammin ‘Jeep Giveaway. This promotion will start in September and will be held on Thursdays, between the hours of 5:00 p.m. and 9:00 p.m. To obtain the gleaming Jeep Cherokee, there is the possibility to win the tickets and participate in the draw, which will be held only on Thursday and end on September 27. On this date, the prize will be awarded to the happy winner.

Another way to participate and take excellent profits is through the Play, Spin and Win Tuesdays (Play, Tour and Win on Tuesdays), which take place between Tuesday and Wednesday of each week. On the other hand, you can try your luck in games of special character, known with specials. These are held on Wednesdays and are intended for Club 55+ members, for the enjoyment of the elderly.

In the great hall, with capacity for more than 700 people, which has been operating for more than 25 years, you can play Bingo weekly, between 4 and 5 times, putting at the disposition of the players the customary or the newest markers, with the latest technology. Calendars for Bingo games are in All You Can Play Games and you can use buy-ins (purchases), which contribute to increase jackpots. Generally, they start at 3:30 p.m. from Wednesday to Friday and from 10:30 a.m., during the weekends. Also, you can enjoy exquisite refreshments while having fun.

In addition, all the entertainment offered by the machines and the diversity of games has a number of the most famous restaurants, which have received several important recognition. Table Mountain Casino is not just about gambling and prizes, it also performs a very significant work in the community of the San Joaquin Valley region and the metropolitan area of ​​the city of Fresno, doing activities in benefit of agencies and institutions that work independently and without profiting.

This type of activity is carried out, mainly, through the operator Table Mountain Rancheria, based in California. For this reason, it has been consecrated as a center that is dedicated to healthy entertainment and enjoyment. Proofs of this are the environments, which breathe an atmosphere free of harmful substances and illegal. Among the regulations that follow the casino, is the obligation to be over 18 years to enjoy the games.

As for the safety of the players, a code system is offered, which guarantees members the peace of mind of being in a guarded and protected facility. Visitors and members cannot carry weapons of any kind, whether legal or illegal. Access with inappropriate clothing, such as hats or hooded sweaters, is also not allowed.

Likewise, a personal escort service may be required through the Booth Club. This assistance will keep you safe inside the facilities and is addressed to all visitors who wish to request it. The main purpose of Table Mountain Casino is the protection of the guest, guaranteed a medical assistance service to attend any emergency 24 hours a day. This system offers immediate attention to the players, protecting their physical integrity and their health.

The telephone number 559-822-7753 is made available to the public, to make any type of complaint, in case of seeing a visitor in an attitude that is not in accordance with good manners. Anyone who is under the influence of alcoholic beverages or of any other kind, will not be admitted to the Club, because Table Mountain Casino has the authority not to allow the entrance or use of the facilities to individuals in a suspicious attitude.

How to become a Member

If you are interested in being part of this community of winners and being a member of the Table Mountain Casino, to enjoy all the benefits, you will find all the necessary information to start playing and winning. You can also make a visit to the Members Club, which is inside the Casino facilities. There you will be gladly attended and you will be given all the support to be integrated into the center.

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