Discover the Wonderful Casino Sticky Bonuses

Each of the casinos has special and unique offers, with the aim of catching the attention of the participants in the games. This feature differentiates them from other establishments and entertainment sites, converting the game proposal into a wide variety of alternatives to obtain spectacular bonuses. As the number of players increases, the number of users who frequent the casino will also increase and they will stay to enjoy the excellent benefits offered by the house, the more they play, the higher the profits will be and this is really attractive for many clients, who always want to earn more money.

Nowadays, the regulation related to the bonds is stricter than at other times. Formerly, each of the casinos was autonomous in their decisions, but, currently, there are rules and laws that must be respected. There are players who focus on looking for any kind of bonus offered by the casino and forget the game itself, making this search their only goal in the game, overlooking the levels and stages that can be achieved during the development of the activity. By accumulating different bonuses, they maximize rewards and can earn a lot of money. For this reason, casinos became the favorite entertainment for millions of people, growing the popularity of bonuses, as well as ways to earn them.

This led the casinos to make the procedure more complicated in order to obtain the money earned in the bonuses, so a system that allowed betting with minimal risk arose, which attracted many players who prefer to maintain their financial stability and not risk much. To get players to bet small amounts and feel confident of making a profit, the casinos organized several very smart strategies that captivated the most conservative and unsuspecting and are known as fixed bonuses.

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Casino Sticky bonus featuresthe-wonderful-casino-sticky-bonuses

Also called sticky bonuses, according to their translation in English, have been called ghost bonuses in the field of entertainment. Officially, it has been distinguished by the concept of being bonds that cannot be exchanged in the casino. That is why, they can be used only to make bets and do not represent a gain for the player, and therefore, it is not possible to withdraw the amount in cash from the account held by the customer in the casino.

The amount arranged for each bonus is spent as the bets are placed until the amount is consumed in its entirety. In case the player decides to withdraw, the accumulated money, corresponding to the sticky bonus, will be lost. From there, the cause of its name ghost bonus. There is a fixed-rate bonus class, in which the amount stipulated by the casino will be retained in the user’s account, with the advantage of being able to dispose of the funds to place bets, until everything is consumed or the time lapse, previously, established for its use.

There is another fixed bonus, in which the full amount available will be consumed when you make a withdrawal for the first time from the account. The process consists of two different accounts, one corresponding to deposits and another one of casino bonuses. Despite not being able to use the amount of the bonus, it is possible to use it for the purpose of obtaining the money that you will be able to withdraw.

Benefits offered by Casino Sticky bonuses

In principle, these bonuses do not seem to have many benefits, since it is not possible to withdraw the amount. But there are other cases, in which the advantages begin to appear. Being much larger than the bonus that is not sticky, there is a possibility that it is 100% in those that are not fixed and find fixed bonuses for more than 300%.

It has another quality that is based on the requirements to place bets and get the bonus. Those who have the characteristic of not being fixed need bets that are between 20 and 30 times the amount of the bonus, to be able to choose to withdraw the winnings. For fixed bonuses the requirement for the bet can be very low, reaching up to four times.

These bonds, unlike the non-sticky, comply have to abide by all the rules of betting in casinos. Therefore, there are no limitations on access to the various casino amenities and does not require control over what is played. An additional advantage is a fact of completing the requirements required to bet on the bonus. When you lose with a fixed casino bonus, the stipulated amount will be deposited into the account, with the possibility of continuing to use it to recover from the loss.

Difficulties of sticky bonuses

These bonuses provide many bonuses corresponding to percentages higher than what was bet, which can be a temptation for the player, who can make a larger deposit in the account in order to benefit from the high percentage. Just as you can earn a fortune, it is also possible to waste it on a bet. For players who are quite and risk minimum amounts for a long time, the danger is in the fixed bonus. Mathematical results can be discouraging in casino games. Although you bet moderately, the only thing you will get with slow losses during the time you are playing.

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