VIP Treatment At Your Online Casino? Play And Let them Treat You Like James Bond!

Top-notch gaming, outstanding and innovative online casinos – all of that is within reach once you join our recommended options. We offer exceptional rewards and promotions to VIP members only at! Once you become a member or take advantage of our promotion today, your Personal Account Manager will be in touch with every detail on how we can make your casino experience top notch by handling any service request promptly: from one day cash back offers for new registrations to comps if there’s a special event happening nearby where they’ll also arrange transportation so it won’t cost anything out of pocket–just tell them what you need help with before heading off into town! If gambling isn’t really something worth celebrating (yet) then why not avoid those

The reason To Play Pokies at these VIP Casinos

online casinosThis casinos are one of the most top rated casinos in NZ. They are an organized and trustworthy casino that has great reputation and official licenses. New members will enjoy a lucrative welcome bonus. We will let you receive bonuses and cash for your deposits. When you play any games, be it pokies, scratch cards or other casino games, you can qualify for winning attractive prizes on weekly or monthly basis. Your 2 initial deposits will make you receive a matching offer of 100% credits. On this VIP Casinos, like Spin Palace Casino, you will be able to make the most of gaming excitement and winning thrill.

Casinos are built upon the idea of gambling and a bit of luck. We don’t just have scratch cards, pokies or other casino games at our site; we offer so much more! In addition to giving you access to all kinds of games from desktop computers and smartphones alike, we protect your privacy with both transparency practices and client protection guarantees.

We have over 1,000 games in our library – for both iPhones and Android. And that’s not all we offer! You can enjoy the convenience of playing on your computer as well. We even provide scratch cards and other casino-style games to satisfy players who prefer a more traditional feel. Our pokies are easy to play too: you just need coins or special tokens called credits which last 20 minutes at most per session so there is no waiting around between games if you’re short of time!

Exciting games that are best in class. We offer the latest and greatest casino gaming experience online, featuring such popular titles as blackjack, roulette, slots – plus more! Join now through our exclusive links to get started on a winning streak today. You’ll be glad you did when we give you an introduction bonus too good to refuse of up to $1000 just for signing up with us.

What to expect when you become A VIP Member at the Casino

Personalized Care

As a VIP member, you will have a personal host that will be there for you and assist you in every step of the way.

Additional bonuses

This membership will qualify you for more impressive bonuses such as Birthday promotions and High Roller bonuses.

Support Staff available 24/7

Highly qualified support staff awaits you and ready to help all day and all week long.

Elevated Wagers

You can raise your wins when you make higher wagers and qualify for better jackpot prizes.

Unique Promotions and Personalized rewards

You will make the most of our promotions, as they are especially designed to fulfil your requirements and gaming demands.

Offers for VIP members

You will constantly receive interesting and absolutely lucrative offers.

Impressive presents

We will indulge you with impressive presents. For example, you can receive invitations to dinners at fancy restaurants. You can get invited to many sports events.

Play elite games

You will be eligible to play games that are only accessible to the program members.

Various additions to special categories

As a VIP, you will keep getting various additions to the casino’s special categories.

Special newsletters and emails

You will be hearing about the casino’s and VIP program news before anyone else.

Mind Blowing offers that will make your Day

Our offers will just impress you. These offers are available on regular basis. Browse the promotions section to get more insight. You will begin your gaming adventure with the special initial deposit promotion. It will give you a match offer of 100%. In other words, you can get a sum that reaches 100 bucks. In case you like such indulgence, you will also enjoy making a second and third one. These 2 will give you a 50% match offer. This means you can get cash that reaches 100 bucks from every deposit. We also provide a cash back offer on weekly basis. Such offer is only available for the VIP members at ABC. This offer will let you receive some money on Friday. The money back offer can reach up to 10% and you will get it on every Friday.

Attentive Care for VIP Members

In case you have any questions, you should browse the Casino Guide Section. There you will find the details you need. You will be able to know all details on signing up, playing for free, verifying account, protection, VIP program, money withdrawal, progressive jackpots, deposit system and many more.

Royal Treatment

Who wouldn’t want such treatment? Visit the casino home page to find all these luxuries. You will receive loyalty points in exchange for each wager and deposit you provide. You will enjoy gaming while your loyalty points get bigger. You can convert these points into extra spins for free, money back and gifts.

Safety and Transparency

Online safety at a gambling site is a major matter for each and every player. At our casino, you will be absolutely secure and protected. It is a basic concept in our work to ensure protection and transparency for our clients. You should check the lower section in this page to get further details. Each and every game here got checked and evaluated to guarantee transparent gaming. A client’s safety is a top priority at ABC. We utilize the most reliable strategies for online safety, which guarantee protection for your personal data. No third party will have access to your data. All of the financial deals that you make here will be stored on a safe link. Such action will make all of your information completely safe.


NZ players have a lot of options when it comes to their casino experience. For this reason, NZ casinos are popular with locals and tourists alike! With our wide variety of games you can try out different types without having to leave your home or risk spending money in the wrong place.

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