Betstars Sportsbook Review Online 2021

BetStars Evaluation

BetStars is the sports betting division of Poker Stars, which was founded in 2001. Betstars provides a wide range of bets and bonuses to its consumers. The website and app are also excellent, as they were the first to offer poker on the internet! With so much information to discover, it’s difficult not to become engrossed in everything BetStars has to offer.

Sports Betting Markets and Bet Types

BetStars boasts a number of unique features, such as its proprietary Spin & Bet game, which distinguishes it from other betting sites. With the Spin & Stake option, which is available on Pokerstars but has been repurposed for sports betting, you can multiply your potential wins by up to ten times in exchange for a charge of 10% of your bet.

The animation will appear revealing a 1x-10x multiplier where each time you place a bet and hit the spin button an animation will show what level (1x to 10X) chance they have at winning depending on how much money they are wagering per round or cycle; if someone chooses 5x then their potential wins will be multiplied fivefold but there is also more risk involved.

BetStars allows you to place a variety of bets with varying odds and even provides RequestABets, which can result in extremely large odds on unlikely events. You can also gamble smaller amounts for less risk, which is ideal if sports betting isn’t your thing or you want something more accessible than usual.

BetStars is a sports betting platform that offers the most popular European and American alternatives. The range of bets offered, including some for non-sports events such as politics or television specials, makes it a good alternative when you want to gamble on something other than your typical football (soccer) or baseball club games. BetStars also permits live betting while watching games, so there are usually always new odds available! We compared their pricing to those of other similar websites and found them to be competitive, which gave us more confidence in our decision before putting any money down on these wonderful chances!

Promotions and bonuses

Bonuses and special offers are another area where BetStars excels. The list of deals is large and changes frequently, but we’ll go over what we were able to take advantage of during the review. When you open a new account, you may expect excellent welcome offers such as free bets or cash bonuses that will make betting easier at start! There are always more deals available, like as refunds when gambling results in losses – just make sure you don’t miss out!

You can currently receive your money line bets on the NFL, NBA, and MLB returned if your team loses in overtime or extra innings. If you lose a wager on the Champions League, Premier League, or Europa Cup due to a goal after 80 minutes, your bet will be reimbursed with a free bet of up to £20. There are numerous more promotions available, but one that we particularly appreciate is the Cash Out option, which allows players who are getting cold feet while their wager is still being processed to lock in winnings by accepting an adjusted payment regardless of whether the wager wins or loses.

If you are winning the first few rounds of a series of wagers, the Cash Out option can be handy. You will have to wait for all of your other ones to cash out, and it may not always work, but when it does, make sure you take advantage of it!


BetStars is completely licenced and regulated by the UK Gambling Commission, and it provides numerous deposit and withdrawal alternatives. During our testing, we discovered that processing speeds were comparable to those of other prominent online sportsbooks. BetStars’ minimum deposit is $10, but they also provide a Fast Deposit tool that streamlines the procedure for quick top-ups. However, not all depositing methods are available when cashing out, so be cautious!

BetStars’ advance deposit restrictions and age verification technology help you stay inside your budget.

Fairness and security

PokerStars has been a success for nearly two decades, and it has always prioritised security and fair play. After studying how BetStars is run, we are pleased to learn that it is also a key priority for them.

There are numerous benefits to using Betstars, including greater transparency than other sites on their network, which distinguishes them from competitors in this industry such as some shady off-shore bookies who don’t care about your safety because they’re not publicly traded entities themselves or locations where local authorities may be laxer due to corruption issues (looking at you Russia). With cutting-edge cyber security measures in place, such as segregated funds, there is less of a chance for hackers to target players’ accounts while yet offering peace of mind.

BetStars is licenced by the UK Gambling Commission, which assures that it abides by all of their rules and regulations. This means businesses must ensure that bets are honoured and withdrawals are completed in a timely manner or face fines for disobeying these laws, as well as many others developed particularly to keep players secure, so you can be assured in your betting experience.

BetStars has a range of customer service options, however it is short in live chat and phone number availability. For any questions you may have, BetStars has an email form that is checked 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. During our test runs, we discovered that the crew was responsive and helpful when approached via this channel of communication as well!

Betting on the Go

The BetStars sports betting app is available for iPhone, Android, and tablet devices. With your mobile device, you may bet on the go!

It’s never been easier to gamble on your phone! You may now take advantage of the same bonuses and bets regardless of the device you’re using. Our app works well on both Apple and Android devices; we have no issues running it on an iPhone, iPad, or Samsung Galaxy (and every other mobile device we could get our hands on). We discovered that a large screen is not required; everything fits perfectly while playing online on smaller displays.

Finally, you may place a wager on these celebrities

BetStars has established itself as an industry leader, with a wealth of experience in building a profitable business. The BetStar review emphasises how Pokerstars’ experience and success have been smoothly transferred over to its sportsbook platform as well. From mobile betting apps to banking alternatives, they’ve worked hard to provide their users with exactly what they need without any fuss, while also remaining reasonably priced for those searching for potential bargains or discounts.

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