Double Down Review 2021

Double Down Casino Review

Double Down Casino is a great place to play table and slot games, without having to risk any money. There are no obligations or restrictions at Double Down Casino, unlike other social gaming sites where players can unlock features before they give them access. Register in a matter of seconds and get started playing today for free!

Double Down Casino offers over 200 casino games and one million dollars in play money. You can play slots, blackjack, and poker from the comfort of your own home. No need to travel into town! DoubleDownCasinoReviews has compiled this detailed review on the best online gambling website out there so keep reading if interested.

Software and a range of games

Double Down Casino is one the most innovative casinos in the world. They are the pioneers of video poker, and they now focus their efforts on social gaming for both land-based casinos and online. During our review, we had a blast at DoubleDownCasino!

Double Down Casino’s social gaming app is a great option to have fun playing the games you love. Logging into Facebook is all you need to play your favourite games. You can also download the app if you prefer. There are over 60 free games, including bingo, video poker and multiplayer poker – all at no cost! There is something for everyone in this casino-type setting. We were truly spoiled for choice during our review.

Mobile Casino

Double Down’s social gaming app allows you to keep up with your favourite casino games on the go. You can download it from the Apple App Store, Google Play Store Amazon App Store, and Samsung Galaxy Apps.

To see how it works, we are currently testing the Double Down app. It looks fantastic and we have not had any problems playing it on our smartphones so far.

This review will focus on the casino’s mobile website. We’ll be comparing it with other sites later in this article. You can buy chips and change games, but it also has some cool extras. Interactive chat allows players to communicate without visiting each other’s profiles.

Fair Play and Security

DoubleDown Casino offers two ways to sign up for their social gaming platform. To get started, you can either register on Facebook or enter your email address. Double Down does not sell your personal information on the market for profit. Both options are 100% secure. We recommend that you sign up anonymously as a guest player if privacy is important to you. This allows you to protect your identity and prevents others from using it without your permission. You will not be able see any saved progress or high scores if anyone attempts to hack into the system.


Double Down Casino offers players daily incentives and promotions, as well as perks through their rewards program. Double Down Casino offers one million dollars worth of play money and the chance to win more. Plus each referral earns a player 1 million coins worth of free playtime – that’s two chances to get your hands on some valuable prizes without spending any cash if someone who signs up through you is already playing at! Invite friends to play at and earn them 2 million coins. This makes it easier than ever to spread the word about this addictive online casino site.

It’s free to download! You don’t need to pay for downloads, monthly subscriptions, or pay-per-downloads. By playing slots or buying chips, you can climb the ladder to earn more loyalty points. Higher tiers allow for easier profits so make sure you keep moving up! Six levels are available: white (lowest tier), yellow, blue, red black and the highest. There are also prizes for passing through each level, including bonus spins exclusive to VIP members at your favorite casino site.

The white diamond tier gives you the opportunity to receive a daily bonus spin that can earn you up to 2 million play dollars, as well as three gifts. You can unlock 100 loyalty points by completing the yellow diamond tier. This will allow you to access double multipliers and four daily spins for free. These spins can also be used to exchange one-time credits or prizes on selected games.

Your perks and rewards levels will increase as you move up the loyalty program ladder. With each level of advancement, you’ll receive higher daily bonuses; a greater gift limit at each tier; and more points per purchase for Diamond Club membership tiers. All this will lead to becoming a black diamond member. These elite members receive unmatched benefits and dedicated service that is not available anywhere else.

Once you have earned 1000,000.00 Loyalty points or are fast enough to earn them, it will be clear how much we value our Elite Black Diamond Members. They’ll want to shop with us again for their next big purchase.

Customer Support

Double Down Casino is committed to providing unsurpassed customer service. Double Down Casino offers support for all your needs.


Double Down Casino has millions of players from all over the globe. DoubleDownCasino has a wider selection and is more accessible than any other website. DoubleDownCasino is free to use, and you don’t have to pay a lot to unlock or level up. We recommend this website highly and we are confident that you will not hesitate to join Doubledowncasino.

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