Doubleu Casino Review 2021

DoubleU Casino Review

DoubleU Casino Games can now be accessed on Facebook and your mobile device. DoubleU Casino boasts over 140 slots and claims it is “better than real casinos” in its marketing materials. This app can easily compete with those from India or China, thanks to the South Korean company.

Software and a variety of games

DoubleU Casino is the place to go if you don’t want to be overwhelmed by all the slots. Doubleu Casino offers all 140+ slots, unlike many social casinos which lock down popular games until players have earned enough points. The Sims-style representation of Las Vegas, called “The City”, has many more unique features than any other online casinos.

You’re not in Las Vegas anymore. DoubleU Casino is your new high roller. You can play everything, from poker to slots, without ever leaving your house.

Promotions and bonuses

Log in to claim the one million-coin welcome bonus and get started immediately. Virtual coins are unlimited in size and you can play any game that you like. But, don’t spend all of them! It is much cheaper to replenish your bankroll than at other social casinos. For example, $39 can buy more than 27,000,000 coins on this site. You can save money on real-money purchases by taking advantage of frequent promotions such as 40% discount coupons and hourly deals. Signing in every hour will give you up to 150 free spins each day.

DoubleU Casino is a great casino where you can win chips without real money. Although you can earn free coins every day it takes time to accumulate enough money for big payouts in their slots games.

DoubleU offers a simple way to win without having to spend any money. There’s good news! They offer daily tokens for free so that you will never run out of your favorite table or slot game again.


DoubleU Casino is your place for a social experience. You can interact with avatars and send gifts, or you can watch the live jackpot winners. Your name may even flash up on YouTube!

This company’s Facebook page is extremely popular and they don’t need to advertise elsewhere.

Security and opening an account

DoubleU Casino is an internet casino that has a social component. Log in with Facebook to get started. You can also download the DoubleU App from the app store for your mobile device (Apple Store or Google Play). Before you can play on desktops, or sync your account across devices – via desktop browsers and/or mobile apps for iOS/Android – make sure you have signed in to your Facebook account. After logging in, players can choose their favorite games by clicking “Play Now”, scrolling down until they find it, or entering keywords into the search bar just below the list.

These companies use security measures to ensure your data is protected.

There is more to the game than money. All of your personal information, including photos and emails, is available for everyone to see. It doesn’t suffice to use a password or abandon privacy completely. Those who keep it secure are more successful in the digital age. Trust us, we have what it takes to keep your information safe – passwords, encryption protocols… you name it!


DoubleU Casino offers a variety of games. These games are accessible on mobile devices. They have also made sure to meet everyone’s requirements with clear graphics even when you play the game on your phone. Although the app doesn’t have all the features of DoubleU casino, which offers Facebook gaming, it is still available for free download.


Our experts give DoubleU Casino’s campaigns and slot games a big thumbs-up. We’re not just spreading the word about it on Facebook, with over 3.5 Million players following it. This social casino offers a wide range of games and graphics. It is your place to go if you are looking for fun, new slots in Vegas-style.

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