Video Poker for New Zealand players

Video Poker for New Zealand players

If you’ve ever visited a casino in New Zealand, you’ve probably seen some people playing at two kinds of machines in the lobby: the video poker machines and the slots (NZ pokies). Basically, the video poker is usually the same as the poker they play with cards, only this time you don’t play against another player, … Read more

Play Backgammon At Online Casinos

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Backgammon is an ancient strategy board game, as it has been around for over five thousand years. It comes from the ancient East (probably Egypt or Persia, while others think it comes from Greece), and it has been popular since the “dawn of time”. What makes backgammon to be a successful and interesting game is that it … Read more

Blackjack online – Review for players of New Zealand


Blackjack Online – Review for Players in New Zealand Though blackjack is a classic game, it’s still very popular among the online casino players. This easy-to-learn, the fast game is one of the games the casino strategists play to win some good money. Though regular casino players, and New Zealand gamblers prefer online pokies NZ and sports betting, blackjack … Read more

Online Poker – New Zealand Online Poker


Poker and online poker are very popular, even though large countries like the US made some moves against them. In New Zealand, players like to play the classic poker (you know, the one with actual cards), while video poker is even more popular. When it comes to online poker, there are many options to choose from, … Read more

Play The Best Online Pokies in New Zealand

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Online pokies, also known as slot machines, are the most popular casino game in New Zealand. These games can be found in many casinos and on a variety of websites. Pokies have been around for decades, but only recently became available to play online with an internet connection. Online pokies are the most popular casino game in New … Read more