Amber Sky Slots Review

Amber Sky Slots

Free Amber Sky Slot Machine is a game that has everything you need to enjoy your next flight! You’ll meet cute attendants, sip on some drinks while admiring the beauty of this incredible slot machine.

We’re not sure exactly when this game came out. But if the graphics and layout are any indicator, it was probably a few years ago. We like the idea behind this release, but there’s no denying that animations have not aged gracefully in Amber Sky Slots on our phones now! The background image is completely static with no animation whatsoever which can make for really boring gameplay at times – or maybe we’re just too spoiled by modern video games these days? All of its symbols look blurry and pixelated as well so you may want to check your screen resolution settings before playing again because I know my eyes were getting tired after only one round of spins 🙂 That being said: don’t let all those dull visuals get in way

If you’re looking for a new game that is both fun and lucrative, this slots release from IGT might be just what you need! There are 25 paylines to choose from that can all be turned on or off depending how much time and money it’s worth spending. However, if your budget isn’t large enough there is an option of one single line which will seriously limit the chances of winning any prizes at all. Two great features in this slot machine include free spin rounds where every second counts because they’re limited, but not as important since each round offers high value rewards; also included was a shot at claiming their progressive jackpot prize – so hey have nothing to lose by giving it a try!

Amber Sky Slots Real Money

Amber Sky offers an exciting selection of betting options, so you can get the best experience for your game time. You adjust this by tweaking three different features: coin value, number of coins per payline and active lines – which gives a wide range from GBP 0.01 to 250 pounds on every spin! And Amber Sky has not one but two jackpots that will keep players coming back over and over again; there are plenty opportunities at either high or low stakes here!

This casino game has an incredibly low RTP and no official information on the payout rate. Collect three, four or five Scatters anywhere in play to win a free spins round where you are taken to view of map with marked locations. You pick one location from this list and your plane lifts off as it flies over that spot!

In Diamond Dream, you can either get up to 25 extra spins or the chance for a huge jackpot! If your luck is good enough, you could be spinning away with all of that precious metal.

What you really want is to have the chance of winning a progressive jackpot, but it won’t come easy. You’ll need luck and hours on end in front of your slot machine before you even get close!


Amber Sky is a slot with two major flaws that prevent us from recommending it to our readers. The first and most important flaw of AmberSky, the absence of any RTP information! We don’t know if this game has an above average return-to-player rate worth your time or not? If you’re looking for graphics in need of a visual refresh, then maybe play at AmberSky instead because they are very outdated as well. Until IGT releases more details about their Return To Player rates on games like these we cannot recommend them either…

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