Bubble Craze Slot Machine

Bubble Craze Slots

Free Bubble Craze Slot Machine Game
Bubble Craze is an IGT-powered online video slot with a unique layout and no reels or paylines included. Instead of filling traditional reel positions, symbols rise up to form a hexagon-like grid which players must match for prizes. Silver, red orange and yellow bubbles offer the best reward while green blue purple brown ones produce lower value wins

The slot machine is equipped with several bonus features that will transform bubbles, add multipliers or award free games. Let’s start with the Transform Bubbles feature triggered by the bubble with arrows within it. It can appear on the screen in different colours and once it lands it will change all of its neighboring symbols to match what color they are before any other game moves them away from their initial position. This means if you have a cluster of blue colored bubbles at first but then lose one spot because another player decided to move theirs over into your territory, instead of just changing colors like most others would do when moving around each column, this special symbol transforms those two spaces so now three spots between them are also blue again! For every space on either side there

When you spin the reels, I’ve noticed that bubbles of a certain kind show up frequently. Sometimes 3 or more will line together and give your winnings an extra multiplier effect! If two kinds appear on-screen at once only one bubble will be active for that turn so watch out which ones do it best for you! You can also get 5 free spins with even better multipliers by getting Scatter Bubbles to match three or more in any order.

If this bubble is surrounded by 3 or more of a kind, then the multiplier applies to your win. Two different Multiplier Bubbles may apply if they are next to each other but not touching (i.e., right below/over another). A special

Real Money Casino Game and Payouts

The Bubble Craze slot is a one-of-a kind game. The top paying symbol in the game, the silver bubble award 10,000 coins for 19 symbols of that type on adjacent reels. Though you might expect with such structure and mechanics to see all winning combinations disappear from play after each spin only yielding single payout per win instead of multiple as seen with other games like this; unfortunately it does not happen here which makes beaming up some nice wins more difficult if your lucky enough to catch something big! But don’t feel too bad because even though these high rewards are hard to come by due IGT’s unique RTP (return percentage) range between 92% – 96%, there still plenty chance at taking home cash prizes

Fun and exciting, these symbols will make you feel like a winner. The Transform Bubbles may cover the play area with symbols of a kind entirely in an instant while Multiplier Bubbes can increase your payouts by up to 5X! You’ll be on cloud nine when other two special symbols land more frequently during free spins as well- boosting your chances for winning even higher than before!

The theme of this game will keep you entertained and the crisp visuals are almost as good as being there. The music score is engaging, realistic sound effects contribute to the atmosphere, while rewarding bonus features boost your odds for winning – Bubble Craze offers an enjoyable gaming experience that’s unlike any other slot machine!

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