Candy Bars Slot Machine

Candy Bars Slots

Western Belles is more in-depth than your average slot game. You’re given the option to turn on or off free spins, but you might want to know what you are doing if playing this one!

Free Candy Bars Slot Machine Game

Western Belles is more in-depth than your average slot game. You’re given the option to turn on or off free spins, but you might want to know what you are doing if playing this one!
A lot of people find that Western Belles has a very different feel from typical slots games and it’s not just because they’ve included horses as symbols instead of fruit like most other gambling sites. The main reason for this difference comes through with their innovation – every spin will give players an opportunity at Free Spins when three Wild Horse Scatter Symbols show up anywhere on the reels (except in position 1).

Candy Bars Slot Machine

Candy Bars is a high-energy slot machine that satisfies all your sweet tooth cravings and more. This game features traditional sevens in red, blue, green, purple with candy topping the reels. There are mixed symbols like dark pink bubblegum to light yellow lemon drops as well as low value candies like chocolate bars or lollipops for players looking for smaller wins but still want variety on their spin!

The symbols can appear in stacks during the base game to help you create more lucrative winning combinations. The game benefits from Wild Multiplier depicted as a gumball with 2x on it. This multiplier doubles payouts if this symbol lands on reels two and three only, which is pretty awesome because then every time that happens your payout will be doubled! If you finish up your win by completing all of the lines with just one type of symbol instead of using wilds like usual, we have something called Blackout Wins for those types too–and they’re even better than normal wins- sometimes paying out 5k coins or 25k when there’s no other multipliers included.

The biggest attraction of the Candy Bars slot are three progressive jackpots, which are displayed above the reels. You can hit a Snack Size, King Size or Giant size Progressive Jackpot by landing two stacks with a chocolate bar background on one reel and 3-4 symbols without that backdrop respectively. For example to win the giant sized prize you need 4 stacked symbol combinations like this:
This is what it looks like when someone wins these bonuses in real life!

The King Size progressive jackpot is a sweet deal for one lucky player as they can win up to 75,000 coins!

The game of chocolate slots has been around since the 1800s and it’s still popular today. You’ll have an even better chance at winning with your very own Giant Jackpots in this timeless favorite.

Candy Bars Slots Real Money

The top paying symbol is a red seven, awarding 100 coins for four of a kind. Four blue sevens pay out 50 coins. The good news is that these symbols pay even when appear combined on the reels, but in this case only 10 can be earned with one combination across all lines played – it pays to have multiple combinations going at once! Candy Bars comes with an RTP varying between 91.98% and 94.89%. We think its individual prizes are not as appealing because you’re more likely to win big by completing multiples stacks than from single line wins; however we do love those high-paying wild cards!

This game is like a rollercoaster ride of thrills with its unusual structure and three progressive jackpots that entice you to play. You could be the luckiest person on earth if you win 25,000 coins or one of their Giant Size Jackpots! The atmosphere created by crisp graphics, an uplifting soundtrack and entertaining sound effects will keep your excitement at maximum levels for hours as long as they entertain you first!

It will provide you with multiple opportunities to win thanks to its bonus features starting with Wild that will double and quadruple your payouts throughout the game. You’ll notice that there is no free spins round, which may disappoint some slot enthusiasts. The lowest progressive jackpot can be easily triggered, but it’s more difficult for players who bet less often- while those who play every day or so might not have a chance at earning higher prizes if they don’t spend much on games per session!

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