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Clue Slots

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The Clue game has all of the characters you know and love from the original board game and features one of the most innovative bonus rounds that have ever been developed for a slot online. This version is different than Vegas’s but still a great way to play! The megajackpot brand now includes these excellent clue slots. For those who enjoy this world famous slot, this is wonderful news. Play some clueslots today if you get three dice symbols on an active playground…you activate Board Bonus Game!

You start by choosing the dice that will govern your turn in this lively board game. When you roll, there’s a chance to collect more money from landing on properties with hotels or apartments! Be careful though because once someone gets four property deeds and passes go they get sent back to jail for double their remaining time. It’s always good practice not to let another player steal all of your hard-earned cash – put them behind bars before it happens again! The game starts off with an eerie theme tune playing softly in the background as if we’re still trying solve some cold case crime…

The Cluedo slot game has one of the most interesting and innovative bonus feature games of any other slots we have played. There seem to be some similarities with Miss Marple in style, like when you listen closely for sounds that are intriguingly similar such as a pipe being hit or an owl hooting outside your window at night. The game includes all favorite characters including Mr White, Mrs Peacock Professor Plum and Colonel Mustard- along with rooms where not only may crimes take place but also become solved! You can even find weapons which could have been used to commit this crime like lead pipes?

You have an opportunity to make some extra cash during the game if you’re good at solving crimes. Try and guess who committed a crime, where they did it, or with what weapon when prompted for bonus rounds. If your three guesses are correct then you win a nice little reward that will be written down in our notebook!

The bonus game is unusual as you get to choose whether to take the prize or attempt another try at solving the crime. You receive up to 3 Offers and it’s a chance that if you do try again, your next offer will be smaller than before. We found locating a Cluedo slot machine quite tricky during our last trip in Vegas but I know there are some out there somewhere! As an old game now, maybe they just moved over into one of the other casinos around town?

Who killed Colonel Mustard in the library with a candlestick? The murderer was found, or rather hunted by all of you. Who will be next to find out who murdered Mr. Boddy and why he did it? Will we one day see Clue II on slots machines across America soon enough for this new generation that is just now finding their love for gaming at an age when they are legally able to gamble online responsibly without parental oversight as long as 18+ years old ?

It’s been over 50 years since “Cluedo” first appeared under its original British name of “Cluedoo”. Some might have thought about beloved board game featuring clues would’ve disappeared forever after being overtaken by newer faster paced games like Candy Crush

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