Crazy Wizard Slots Review

Crazy Wizard Slots

Who will be the next Sorcerer Supreme?
Free Crazy Wizard Slot Machine – Instant Play Game
Everyone always talks about the wonders of magic, but nobody stops to think what kind of effects it has on humans. When you can snap your fingers and solve all your problems, odds are, you’re going to be a little bit kooky! That much certainly applies for this slot’s resident wizard who isn’t letting common sense stop him from challenging a massive dragon! It’ll certainly be a duel for the ages so make sure you attend- after all that grand prize doesn’t want itself… The graphics are alright

The background image is barely visible due to the non-transparent reels sitting on top of them, but judging by all that fire? We think it’s safe to assume this game has something dragon related! Symbol designs are much better done and they come with their own animations – little details like these go a long way when designing games. But there’s more than just his devilish good looks about Crazy Wizard: it’s because he has gameplay that really makes things happen here.

So you think the best way to play these new IGT releases is with a small margin of paylines, huh? Well we’ve got something for those looking for more! With 10 flexible lines and an array of special features like Wilds that are 2x multiplier when they occur. We recommend playing our release on 5×3 boards because it maximizes your chances at scoring big-time wins without sacrificing fun or feature selection.

Crazy Wizard Slots Real Money

With this simple and straightforward interface, you can change your total bet by tweaking three different values. Adjust the number of active paylines, your coin value and the number of credits per line to alter wager size anywhere between 0.01 GBP up to 250 GBP with each spin! Plus every so often, there’ll be a flashy progressive jackpot that will tempt players into playing just one more round for it; don’t get caught in that dangerous loop though.

IGT’s slot machine does its best to lure you into betting big numbers, as those are more likely to trigger the progressive jackpot. Fortunately, you do have decent chances of winning even outside of the progressive jackpot. The only thing we don’t like is that there isn’t any information on RTP (return-to-player rate). If three or four dragon Scatters show up then players can win ten free spins and if five appear they will get thirty!

Sometimes, the wizard Wild appears to substitute for any icon in a winning combination. The exception is of course the dragon Scatter which cannot be substituted by anything else with its unpredictable power that can either give you or take away your prize money at random. You might win big and get more than double what you put down on gamble but it’s all up to chance so keep those fingers crossed!

The all-or-nothing nature of the game makes it impossible to win without risking everything.


Crazy Wizard is a new release from IGT, and as such offers both good graphics but lagging visuals. With excitement over the progressive jackpot that awaits you in this slot machine come huge questions about what kind of return players can expect to get for their investment. Unless we know how much money each pound will win us back – or even better still if there are any promotional rewards on offer, it would be best not to invest your time with Crazy Wizard until these facts become clear!

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