Da Vinci Diamonds Masterworks Real Money Slots Review

Da Vinci Diamonds Masterworks Slots

Bubble Craze delivers an immersive and engaging gaming experience, with crisp visuals that are as good as being there. The music score is also highly enjoyable while the sound effects make it feel realistic; all of these elements contribute to a bubbly atmosphere! You will enjoy hours of entertainment thanks to the game’s theme which never gets old – what more could you want?

Play Da Vinci Diamonds Masterworks slots for free or real money

Bubble Craze incorporates a fun, bubbly theme that is sure to never get old with its immersive and engaging visuals. The crisp graphics combined with the sound effects make it feel incredibly realistic as you play your way through hours of entertainment without ever getting bored!

Da Vinci Diamonds Masterworks Slot Machine

Da Vinci Diamonds Masterworks is a five-reel slot machine with four rows and thirty paylines. Available special features include Tumbling Reels, Giant Portraits, and the Masterworks Gallery that gives you one of three free spins in order to try for more diamonds!

How it Looks

The graphics in the game are simple yet elegant. The background is a wallpaper with gold and crimson accents, which doesn’t change during any of the special features. Symbols offer gems as well as some famous pieces by Da Vinci himself- like Mona Lisa for instance; all paying more than they do on diamonds themselves. A purple diamond acts as a Wild symbol that can substitute for most other symbols except Scatters if it appears anywhere on reels 2 or 4 at least twice per spin to replace them up to 3 times (except those).

Real Money Da Vinci Diamonds Masterworks Game

Play Da Vinci Diamonds Masterworks and take home a 924.8x cash prize! This requires you to maximize your multiplier, but it’ll be worth the effort when that tantalizing EUR92500 is yours for just betting between 40EUR-200EUR on each spin. Best of all, thanks to an 96% RTP rate this slot has one of the highest payout levels available today at over 95%.

There are many different types of wager to choose from. Whether you spend $1 or $10,000 on your bet, there’s a wide range of ways for you to have fun and win big!

An all-inclusive guide: how much should I play?
The key is finding the right balance between too little (boring!) and too much (risky!). The more money involved in any game – whether it be poker chips or casino coins – the higher stakes get raised; so if you’re feeling lucky but don’t want to risk losing everything then go ahead with an automatic option like Auto Play instead.

Bonus Games

Tumbling reels is a special feature that occurs after every win. Players will see any icons in their winning combination disappear, and new symbols fall to fill the empty spaces from the top of the board. As such players can land multiple cash prizes with just one spin! Occasionally you’ll also notice giant portraits appear on your playing field- these are 2×2 icons which can appear anywhere on screen, but if they’re part of a win then they might help boost them by up to 4 times as much!

A portrait of a man with the caption “giant” peeks out from behind an ornate background. There is also a chance for that non-winning giant to transform into another icon on your reel which will grant you more prizes! Land three Scatters at any time during free spins and pick one of those portraits to win some extra turns in addition, it’s possible to retrigger these super rounds up until 300 total spins have been spun! The Portrait Icon does not need to follow paylines if four or more appear simultaneously – let luck decide who wins when they get all tangled up together.

Boosted Multipliers, Gigantic 2x Wilds. Now your wild symbols can appear as giant portrait icons with a bigger multiplier value! If you get more than one portrait symbol on the game board, their multipliers will combine to create an even larger boost for players and max out at 36x.

Wilds are always a tricky card to work with. The multipliers on them are often times different than the rest of your cards, making it difficult for you or anyone else at home to know how much they will take from any given hand unless that information is readily available – but there’s more! If two Wilds happen to be in play during the same round and both pull up Match symbols when spun around by their player then those two players have combined their multiplier levels as well.

Wilds can make bets seem like nothing if used right (or horribly bad), so knowing about this rule might just save someone out there some serious dough one day 😉


The Tumbling Reels slot online game is an exciting new take on a popular name. The original release, the Dual Play version, and Double Da Vinci Diamonds are all based off this title. It has thirty fixed paylines that cannot be toggled but produce big wins! Its biggest multiplier comes in at 36x which can easily be unlocked during Boosted Multipliers – just watch out for free spins as they can provide up to 300 extra turns with their maximum potential of producing more than 3 million coins per spin (which will definitely give you some luck)!

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