Fire Burner Slots Review

Fire Burner Slots

Fire Burner Slot Machine – Instant Play Game
Some themes are instantly recognizable, while others seem to make no sense at all. And Fire Burner definitely falls into the latter category! You’ve got fruit machines with occasional spicy treats and a whole lot of fire going around- we’re not quite sure what’s happening here but it looks like some kind of fruity hell or perhaps that pepper is really fiery? We’ll let you be judge as we check out this old IGT game (you know…IGT= International Gaming Technology).

Fire Burner is certainly a game that will stick in your head for its surreal, hellish design. The graphics are dated and the gameplay itself doesn’t outshine them so it can be difficult to look past this when playing Fire Burner.

At first glance, it’s exactly what you’d expect from an older slot. It has 15 flexible payline which can be turned on and off at will. But that’s not all! Unlike other slots with a fixed jackpot of 10k or less, this game offers three different progressive jackpots to win – one for betting max credits per line (which most people aren’t eligible for), another when the maximum bet is multiplied by five times in total across any given spin (the odds are slim but still possible) and finally if you get lucky enough to find two matching bonus symbols anywhere on the board during gameplay! That means there just might be 3x as many chances to make your money back here than elsewhere! !

Fire Burner Slots Real Money

This game is really simple, but it might take a little getting used to. Every time you want to adjust the total bet for your spin, just change the number of active paylines and coins per line which will make adjusting easier than ever; no need to go through all those menus! You can play with as low as GBP 0.01 if that’s more suitable for you. It also allows players who like small bets or only have limited funds available at one time some flexibility in what they are willing (or able) spend on each individual spin- we recommend using fifteen paylines so games aren’t too quick when playing this slot machine

With a basic game, your stake will be GBP 150 on each spin. High rollers can get the top prize by maxing out their wager and playing with all fifteen paylines active at minimum cost of GBP 1.50 per line. Even if you decide to skip on the progressive jackpot, there’s still plenty for everyone – while gamblers that play in this way could win up to PS5000!

There’s also no available RTP information. Collect three, four or five Scatters to win 10 free spins, 25 free spins and 50 Free Spins respectively! No other bonuses activate with this special feature so it’s just plain old-fashioned spinning: without multipliers, extra Wilds or anything like that. If you want more boosters then go ahead and click them on for yourself assuming you’re eligible for a progressive jackpot which one that will be awarded depends slightly on the number of Jackpots symbols are active at any given time. Three pots of gold earn an ordinary Progressive Jackpot prize while Four provide access to both The Super Prize as well as the Grand Prize pools depending upon how many there are in play when they appear; Five

The more you play, the better your chances to win. You can get an up-to 1000x payout just by spending a few minutes on one of these progressive games! At some point in every round, there’s even a game where you need to find stop icons and end it early for money prizes like 10 grand or 50 thousand dollars.


Fire Burner is a slot machine that’s as simple as it gets. Graphics are mediocre, but you won’t be spending too much time looking at them anyway because the gameplay speeds by quickly! This game has all of your favorite features: progressive jackpots and free spins galore, plus bonus rounds to keep things interesting. There’s only one problem with this title – there was no information on what percentage RTP (Return-to-Player) its payout is set at; which could mean good or bad news for players depending on how they feel about gambling games in general.

Fire Burner Slot Machine Review

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