Golden City Slots Review

Golden City Slots

In your imagination, there is always a gleaming Golden City. This fruit machine by IGT takes us on an expedition to find the elusive “El Dorado” and its natives! Will we be lucky enough to strike gold?

When you play Golden City, the symbols themselves are more important than the background image. Sure, it’s high quality foliage but we doubt overgrown trees will get anyone excited! The game is played on a 5×4 board with 40 flexible paylines that only payout left to right. And since they’re flexible players can turn them off or on at any time depending what bets seem worth while for their current strategy.

It’s great for players on a budget, but we wouldn’t advise against it if possible. Less paylines means your odds of winning start to drop as you play and trust us, the RTP is already low enough! The slot itself can be quite simple mechanically speaking with any number of rewards available under the right circumstances which are hard to come by.

Golden City Slots Real Money

When it comes to betting, Golden City Casino is your best bet! You can adjust the total stake per spin in a matter of seconds thanks to their streamlined interface. It’s easier than ever before with one-button control for adjusting coin value and coins per line separately; you just need two buttons instead of three. If you like high stakes games then there are plenty available too with minimum bets as low as GBP 0.01 (or PS0.10). For those who prefer more modest gambles, they also have an extremely flexible range that goes from GBP 1 ($1) all the way up to 40 (PS40)!

When you’re looking for a new slot machine to play, be sure not to miss out on the one and only Wilds! With this 5-reel title from developer WMS Gaming(tm) at your disposal, there’s always an opportunity waiting for that juicy 5000x jackpot. You’ll just have to get four full screens of them in order for it too happen but hey – who knows? Maybe tomorrow will bring better luck than today has seen. Of course we don’t want anyone going off with bad odds so here are some important numbers: The RTP is set at 92% while the current average stands steady at 96%. Thank goodness other features like stacked wilds can cover up multiple positions per reel if need be as well or else these

You better be ready to spin the reels in this game because it’s possible that you can win a lot of free spins. Collect three, four or five Scatters and get 20, 50 or 100 extra turns respectively. You might even want to trigger those again for up 600 more! However after 5 rounds players are not eligible for any additional bonuses until they collect another scatter symbol on their next turn at which point all counters reset


Golden City is a new IGT release that surprised us in many ways. The graphics are sleek and eye-catching, the gameplay is engaging, but it falls short of perfection with an RTP rate of 92%. We had fun playing this game for sure!

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