Goldify Slots Review

Goldify Slots

Do you want to play Goldify slots for free or real money? This is a fun way of gambling. You are in total control and can cash out at anytime without any pop-up ads, spam emails, phone calls pressuring you into playing more games than planned. There’s no need to download anything because it runs on your browser just like Facebook does!

Goldify Slot Machine

The legend of King Midas has been made into a slot machine by IGT and offers 40 paylines. There are plenty of special features including the one that carries the name Goldify which allows you to control how volatile this title is. Old legends say anything touched turns to gold, but we can’t help feeling like it would be nice if only some things turned golden with our mind set on approaching Goldify!

The animations are dated, but the game does have some interesting features. Goldify lets you get two versions of every icon and there’s a variety of symbols based on Greek mythology like Pegasus or Midas’ wife.

Midas himself is a Wild, but he also helps you earn the most coin. He can be used to replace any other symbol except for Scatters and more WILDs. When three or four of these scatter symbols show up on your screen during gameplay, they will turn one regular icon into gold (for an extra payout) while activating 15 free games with 3-4 golden icons! These are some pretty great odds if you ask us!

And if you’re lucky enough to get five Scatter feature triggers, the best part about all of this is that it doesn’t stop there. You can keep re-triggering up to a maximum 500 extra turns and 5 goldified symbols! And what are these golden icons? They’re essentially a more precious version of your regular icon that pays out at an impressive rate – we’ll give them 5x better odds. Gold or not, during normal gameplay you can enter the menu and select which symbol will be turned into King Midas’ touch by selecting either one with higher payouts but less frequent appearances or vice versa for when risks trump rewards.

Goldify is a solid addition to IGT’s roster of features, and it has something for everyone. Gold-plated symbols and re-triggers will keep you going while waiting on the next free spin!

King Midas is the star of IGT’s release, which has been around for years now. If you want to participate in a long-term session and place your goldified symbol anywhere on the board, then be prepared because you won’t get bored with its RTP between 92% and 96%. The game still holds up just fine today so if this sounds like something exciting that hasn’t crossed your path before yet, give it a try!

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