Gypsy Moon Slots Review

Gypsy Moon Slots

Gypsy Moon Slots – Free Instant Play Casino Game
The sound of the night wind capturing your attention, guiding you through a labyrinth with so many pathways. You’re completely lost to it’s beauty until something catches your eye: A woman in white robes looking at her cards and smiling as if she knows what fate has in store for you! Step closer to get an answer before its too late.

The graphics of the game are not bad, but they did not blow us away either. We liked some aspects of it: The background image is amazing to see and we like how when you choose a free spins round there’s fiery moon animations. But these parts were few in comparison with things that weren’t as interesting for us such as animation effects which aren’t nearly as cool IGT knows how to do them or gameplay revolving around getting those free rounds before more boringness kicks back in where all you can really do again is chase after your winnings over and over again!

That’s the curse of having only one bonus: it revolves around everything! You can play on a 5×3 board with 30 fixed paylines or 243 ways to win if you pay more. More money for improved chances is always worth investing in, say we.

Gypsy Moon Slots Real Money

To change your bet, first tap the Super Play button in the upper left corner on or off. Assuming you’re playing at minimum stake, this will drop you from GBP 0.50 with it enabled to GBP 0.30 with it disabled but paylines are fixed so there is no chance of lowering your total stakes below PS0.30 per spin by disabling 243 ways to win and maxing out line bets when Super Play is active for a whopping 50 pence each! We found IGT’s release best part was its jackpot and special features which were intrinsically tied into one another – Naturally!

To change your bet: First tap the “Superplay” button (included as an option) located in top

Given Gypsy Moon’s medium variance, that shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone! If you’re hoping to score its 3120x maximum prize, you will need to get quite lucky with the free spins round. And while we’d like to say the odds are in your favor, they really aren’t. This slot’s RTP ranges between 92.02% and 96.18%. That averages out somewhere at 94 %; far below the minimum of 96% most gamblers are used too

With three Astro Signs, your free spin bonus is either 30 spins with 1x multiplier or 15 spins with 2x. If you’re lucky and activate five of the seven signs on your reels at once, wait until they match up to get 7 freespin multipliers for 5X!


It’s an average slot machine game. The jackpot is still quite promising given the odds and we’ll warn you against playing it, but if you decide to try it out anyway, be sure to send us a screenshot of any big winnings so that we can live vicariously through your success!

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