Hells Bells Slots Review

Hells Bells Slots

Hells Bells Slot Machine is the perfect slot machine for those who want to jump in and play without a lot of information. The graphics are basic, but if you’re playing this game then it doesn’t matter too much what they look like because all that matters is winning!

This game is like a virtual version of the fruit machine in your local pub. The layout and reels are designed to make you feel as if it’s an actual physical machine, but with none of that annoying screen time! We also liked how they didn’t go all out on making the borders look exactly like what we see when playing games online – this way, there was more room for colourful backgrounds behind those spinning reels! It seems simple enough too; classic gameplay at its best.

We are all familiar with the traditional slots games that can be found in any casino, but have you ever heard of a 3×3 slot? The game is played on a small board which only offers 27 paylines. There’s no additional features or bonuses to offer players an edge and this means there isn’t much variety when it comes to gameplay either – just your odds at winning progressive jackpots! Of course, if you want more chances for these lucrative wins then I suggest increasing how much money goes into each spin as well.

Hells Bells Slots Real Money

We quite like the layout. IGT has wisely designed Hells Bell’s user interface to look similar to a physical machine while dropping its most annoying aspects. It makes it quite simple to see and understand what’s happening on the playing field. Setting your wager is a little bit more complicated, but it’s nothing too difficult either! All you have change your coin denomination and credits per spin will adjust your total bet; this means that if you’re bold enough play this slot on max-bet, then each reel spin will cost GBP50 or less depending on how much money you put into it in advance (the minimum stake being as low as PS0.05).

The progressive jackpot in Hells Bells is a prize that’s worth your time. It can be triggered by playing the game and when it does, there are two things you should do: increase wagering as much as possible to up chances of winning; keep spinning until you win! Unfortunately we couldn’t find any information about this release’s RTP or volatility which means our guess on variance is just an educated one-off. But after each win gamblers have double their cash prizes with use of the Gamble special feature!

You have to correctly guess the colour of the face down card in front of you. There’s only two colours; red or black, so your odds are fifty-fifty. If you guess right, your win is doubled for that round and if not then it resets back to zero! But make a single mistake and all progress towards winning will be lost. Progressive jackpot wins aren’t eligible for this bonus but each spin has its own chance at activating one when criteria are met which is completely random BUT players with higher wages seem to have greater odds than those who don’t – check out our betting guide below on how much money could get won from triggering progressive jackpots!


We love a good slot game, and Hells Bells seemed like the perfect pick for us. We were wrong– this IGT release offers none of our favorite features: bigger reels, lots of bonuses or fun special effects. Instead we found that it boiled down to just basics; an if you enjoy games with such simplicity then give Hell’s Bell’s a try! Our only concern is figuring out what RTP (return-to-player) percentage they offer on their progressive jackpots because there doesn’t seem to be any info about in regards to reward potential.

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