Island Quest Slots Review

Island Quest Slots

Lobstermania is my favorite game in the high limit slot room. The lobster claw symbols are always on my mind, and if I get three of them it’s a huge payout!

Free Island Quest Slot Machine – Instant Play Game

I am a huge fan of the claw machine and I was amazed at how much money it’s possible to win. Every time my friends come over, we always go in together so they can try their luck. The only downside is that when you finally get your prize out, do not be surprised if there are other prizes hanging from its claws!

Island Quest Slots

Escape to a tropical island and enjoy the serene, beautiful locations all while betting on IGT slots! It may be hard at first with no luxury resort in sight but don’t worry – if you can survive long enough until rescue arrives then there’s plenty of wins for everyone. Unlike many other games by them, this one has stunning backgrounds unlike any seen before so what are you waiting for?

Island Quest is an interesting and engaging slot machine game that’s all about surviving in life. The reels are so stupidly large to block the view completely, which we really appreciate because it helps you realize just how stranded you actually are! There’s some more islands out there; but they’re not as important when it comes down to what matters most – survival! Spend a bit of time getting yourself familiar with the symbols, too – after all, they’re teaching us valuable stuff like good ol’ fashioned fishing techniques if we plan on ever living long enough for another sunset. Island Quest is played on a 5×3 board with 30 fixed paylines that only work from left-to-right (which can be frustrating!). Game

One of the games on this island will have you walking all around and trying to complete various challenges. You’ll need to pick up shells, cross a bridge without dying; it’s just like any other good old fashioned video game! There is also an opportunity for re-spins with one icon being called Raft. The chance of getting a re-spin isn’t guaranteed but if your guess about what raft has the highest value pops out right then you could be granted another go at that high score or winnings from earlier in the game!

Island Quest Slots Real Money

The new layout for the IGT slots is much more aesthetically pleasing than others they’ve released, and it’s even easier to bet on. No longer do you have to adjust multiple values when changing your total stake–you can simply change how many paylines per spin are active! This means that casual players will be able to wager a minimum of 30 pence while high-rollers get 90 pounds per turn. Sadly, there isn’t any information about either volatility or Return To Player (RTP) rates in this game but at least we know our money won’t go unnoticed by those cute little red casino guards…

From what we’ve played of this game, it seems like the developers were trying to create a balance. You can’t make any kind of massive win unless you are super lucky! The absence if RTP information means that there is no way for us to know how lucrative this release will be because they could have made the Return on Investment significantly lower than average or higher than average depending on their plan and strategy with potential players in mind. We recommend collecting three Bonus Symbols consecutively as these symbols activate Island Quest bonus rounds when collected within an active payline but other then those moments, don’t go all out betting because until we find out more about return rates, anything might happen…

The game show during this special feature is fast-paced and exciting! You can collect three pearls of the same color to win a cash prize or cross an unsafe bridge to increase your multiplier. If you get more than one raft symbol on the board, then it’s time for some luck – pick which will grant you with a small cash prize as well as another chance at spinning again. To score that re-spin though, just hope that you have drawn the highest valued raft from all those in play!


Island Quest has a special feature that makes the game feel more immersive and gives it an edge in the crowded field of slots. However, this slot does not have any information about return to player (RTP). Make sure you’re careful when playing Island Quest or else your adventure may be cut short very quickly!

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