Maya Gold Slots Review

Maya Gold Slots

Claim your gold and get wild with the Mayan empire! Start spinning today at our online slots game, for free. One of Europe’s colonial ambitions was to subjugate most of the world; that included America too! But before Cristopher Columbus and Spain took over Latin America, natives formed massive nations all their own – one being the wealthy Maya Empire (abundant in valuable) where we’ll be taking what they have as soon as you play this slot machine. For it coming out a year ago is quite impressive–like so many other IGT games though its problem comes from looking outdated now

Just like the company has known for years, this game is not very interesting. It doesn’t have any background images or animations that are creative and engaging. The only thing it does differently from other games by IGT is its mini-slot bonus feature

There are only so many things you can do with an app, and this company has done them all when it comes to their releases. What’s worse is that most of these games feel the same – they’re all just playing variations on themes we’ve seen before which haven’t been winning any awards for creativity in design or visual style.

A recent article from a developer said how dismayed he was by what he saw as lacking innovation coming out of one mobile game provider lately: “There are only so many things you can do with an app”. The trouble seems to be that nearly every release feels like yet another variation on previous ones; after looking at each new iteration, some users began noting similarities between different apps’ visuals and gameplay styles-

Maya Gold Slots Real Money

You can set your stake anywhere between GBP 0.01 and 250, depending on how much you want to risk per spin! It’s easy to change this setting at any time through the menu so that it suits your needs for maximum enjoyment.

Despite the massive numbers in the paytable, your max win will only ever exceed 400x of what you bet. Luckily this game has low volatility so players don’t need to worry about it too much! We can live without knowing that information for now – but we do care deeply about RTP (return-to-player). Without knowledge on its variance and return rates, we would not recommend playing these games.

Collect three, four or five Scatters to win eight, twenty or one hundred free spins respectively. And given the value of a five-of-a-kind scatter, you can imagine how incredibly rare it is! If three mini slot icons appear on your screen during this bonus round then preparation for a trip into Memoryland begins and there are prizes galore waiting for those who enter its mystical realms. The further you progress through Memory Land’s many enchanting levels the more rewards await so get ready to play with these tantalizing possibilities today when Maya Gold comes calling at Jackpot City Casino where all that glitters will be gold once again if only in memory form

Last but not least, Memory bonus wins have a chance to be doubled if the multiplier piece is found.


In the game of slots, it’s all about what you give not just in terms of visuals and sound effects but also how your games play. This particular slot is a great example that sometimes simplicity can be more engaging than complexity. Graphics are outdated by today’s standards but they were quite good at the time with an effort put into animating them to create cool symbols! What really makes this one stand out though is its unique features such as point-collecting bonus rounds and free spins which will go along way for gamblers who need something new after experiencing other IGT releases recently reviewed on our site.

As it stands, we recommend skipping Maya Gold for something more interesting.

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