Mistress Of Egypt Real Money Slots Review

Mistress of Egypt Slots

Play the glamorous Mistress of Egypt slots for fun or real cash in an instant. Enjoy a hassle-free gaming experience with no pop up ads!

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Mistress of Egypt Slot Machine

Mistress of Egypt is one amazing slot machine. With thirty paylines and awesome features, this game will have you feeling like royalty in no time!

How it Looks

We’re in love with this game and its beautiful graphics. We see a starry night sky outside, as well as rich decorations like silk drapes. On the sides of the reels we have Cleopatra-inspired women holding floating pyramids next to lavish symbols that come from Egyptian themed playing cards or are inspired by ancient Egypt itself. The designers added gold lightening bolts throughout letters on some high paying slot machine icons for an extra sense of luxury and extravagance!

The symbols in the game are elaborate statues of Egyptian gods, and a golden pyramid that is Wild.

Mistress of Egypt Real Money Online Casino Game

The top prize you can win playing this slot is 600x your total stake. If this seems a bit low to you, that is very much by design. This title has a high variance which means it provides plenty of big wins as well – perfect for those who want some intense fun! It also boasts an above-average RTP sitting at 96%. You’re able to bet between $0.60 and $300 per spin with the ability to use one or up 100 paylines on each turn (though we would prefer if there was more options in the middle).

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Bonus Games

Spin to get free spins and special features! At the start of every spin, there is a chance that your Random Wilds bonus will activate. This could give you up to 15 wild icons on the reels at once, which allow for even more ways than ever before to win big. Free Spin wins are only evaluated after one or more wilds appear as any other symbols would in order create winning combinations but they still have all of their power when it comes time for Solitaire play so be sure not to waste them during those ten rounds with this amazing opportunity!

Free spins can only be retriggered on the same line.

Free spins cannot be reclaimed, so if you want to have more than one round of free games in a row then make sure that your last spin is not an unlucky combination such as three scatter symbols without any matching icons or five consecutive losing rounds.


There are plenty of slots to choose from, the most popular being Cleopatra. Auto Play allows you set a number of spins that will be played automatically at your current bet and is! Random Wilds can produce up to fifteen Wilds on the playing field which could cover all 15 if they’re placed wisely.

IGT released this slot in 2019.

The RTP for this game is higher than the average slot machine. Theoretically, if you played 1 million games of slots at a different casino every day from now until 73134 AD (the year when Earth will become uninhabitable), with an 18% house edge and 96.2% payout rate your total winnings would be about $1 million in cash or prizes – but that’s not what happens to most players!

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