Mystic Island Online Casino Slots Review

Mystic Island Slots

Mysteries have been part of humanity for as long as it has existed. There’s something about the unexplainable that attracts us, and there are mysteries all over this island! On Mystic Island Slots you’ll be working with an explorer to stop a volcano from erupting by teaming up with a native girl–it’s just what we do when faced with life-threatening danger in these parts.

You might be disappointed to find that it’s hard to get excited for a slot game with no real theme. But what are you going to do? The graphics aren’t much better and the sound is just as bad, so it looks like we’re stuck playing Mystic Island anyways! This 5×3 board has 15 paylines which work left-to-right. It also features multiple special features – sounds awesome right! ?

The game has a free spins round, two symbol swapping bonuses, and a pick-and-click special feature. All of these can be quite lucrative in their own right but they’re nothing to write home about! Since you have so many bonuses it can be difficult to keep track of them all – not helped by some being completely underwhelming with no guaranteed prizes at the end!

Mystic Island Slots Real Money

IGT’s release still uses that old-timey layout you love. We like it because is has all the features to set up your bets and gameplay. The only downside, however, is how complicated it can be changing those settings with every spin of a slot machine game!

Landing that top prize can be a challenging task! For those with the guts to try, Mystic Island is one of the best games for its special features. But don’t expect it anytime soon unless you have some insane luck slipped in your back pocket. Depending on how many paylines are active, RTP changes between 93% and 94%. Even when all fifteen lines are up and running at once though, this is below what most gamblers enjoy seeing–96%. Keep this in mind if you decide to play Mystify Islands; make sure every line has been activated from start to finish before pressing “spin.” Three Monkeys trigger Crazy Monkey mode which provides an addicting bonus game experience (especially considering they’re dressed as pygmies! ).

When the monkey swaps symbols with other icons, new winning combinations are created. Existing monkeys turn wild during this bonus to increase your chances of hitting big! Find three or more Quake symbols and you activate the associated bonus game- all icon reels crumble as brand new ones appear on board collecting 3 Scatters gets 10 free spins, 4 scatters wins 20 free games while 5 scatter rewards 30 in extras. Accumulate 1000 points for a chance at an even bigger jackpot: climb up from dungeon depths by solving different puzzles using levers collected through out gameplay; but be careful not to lose any lives along the way since there is no continues.

When that happens, monkeys will swap random symbols with other icons which can create winners if they

With a maximum cash prize of 7000 credits, each time you advance successfully your winnings increase.


Treasure awaits at the cost of a little outdated graphics! Even though Mystic Island is not visually up-to-date, it offers so much more than you’d expect. With multiple features and an RTP that might need to be increased in the future, we still found ourselves having fun playing this game when reviewing it for IGT. It was tough choosing who had won our award between The Achiever or Crazy Crocs – but if we could only play one slot machine today? We would choose Mystic Island without hesitation as its got everything going on for itself from great gameplay to bonuses galore!

We don’t want anything bad said about how old these visuals are – after all they’re what make us feel like time has stopped

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