Noahs Ark Slot Machine

Noah’s Ark Slots

The bonus round features free spins that players can collect to get a better chance at winning. Graphics are simplistic, resembling children’s illustrations of biblical stories for the game Noah’s Arc Slot Machine from IGT. Whether you’re looking for an easy-to-play slot machine or one with more depth and variety in design, games like these offer something unique without forgetting what made slots so popular in the first place: entertainment!

These symbols are naively drawn and the highest value icons include Noah’s Arc, Lion, Hippo. These animals accompanied Noah on his epic journey of survival and planet re-population. There is a conventional 30 payline structure but it can be adjusted to play 1 line for $1 up to all lines at any time with bets as low as $100 or high enough that they max out at three thousand dollars per active payline played if all thirty slots were unlocked!

Opting for Auto Play feature will initiate the automatic sessions of spins which are activated and set manually. This is an excellent time saving option if you want to leave it up in a while without forgetting about your progress or not having enough coins on hand – all worries that can be avoided with this new game design! A few more sound and graphics related adjustments are available via the Tool icon on the bottom, as well as commands located at right upper corner of screen. The return to player percentage is pretty low – 94.93%, but far from being considered lower than average when compared against slots games with 96% RTP rate; still, some serious payout potential awaits those who find themselves lucky enough: 25 million possible coin winnings per spin! !

Noah’s Arc is the wild card of this slot game. It can replace all symbols in making a winning combination, except for White Doves which either come as one or two icons depending on your luck. If you have five Noah’s Arcs and they take up any spot but the final position on an active payline, then those reels become extra-wide with three more positions that are activated by matching at least four neighboring reels to make additional combinations!

The White Dove icon in combination of 5 unlocks the Raining Free Spins Bonus, played on the same number on lines and at the same betting level as the spin that triggered it. If only 4 White Doves appear on reels 2-5 they will act as multipliers in this bonus mode where Wilds can stand for Giraffe, Goat, Zebra, Bird or Crocodile doubling their value to make your free game more exciting! The spins cannot be re-activated but once you’ve reached all 20 no additional ones are awarded until after a few hours have passed so use them wisely while there’s still time left!

The white dove symbol is worth multiplying with any other symbols appearing alongside it during its free spin rounds. However

New Free Spins can of course be unlocked during the game, but not while an already activated session is in progress. So make sure to keep your eyes peeled for new free spins! When they do come around you will need to play them on a different set of reels and watch out because these special prize rounds double the value any symbol that lands within their radius! Other than this exciting feature IGT provides power symbols with values up-to as high as 100x so don’t forget about those either when playing Safari Secrets slot machine by Novomatic.

The player is not likely to be able save all the animals on Noah’s Arc. The game, while simple at first glance, becomes increasingly complicated and difficult as time progresses. Even when winning a round of this slow-paced arcade title with an animal bonus offer active that awards players 25% more points for cash collected during those rounds, it simply feels like too little compensation in return for what you put into playing each level again after getting close to finishing up but being beat by one last enemy or obstacle on your way out the door

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