Ocean Belles Mega Jackpot Real Money Slots Review

Ocean Belles Mega Jackpot Slots

Play Ocean Belles Mega Jackpot slots for free or real money
Ocean Belles is a five reel, four row video slot that benefits from 75 fixed paylines which are paid left to right starting with the first one. Three of a kind is the minimum for landing any sort of payout and there happens to be some very interesting features such as Synced Reels, Wild Stays 2 Plays (this means when you get wilds on your reels they will stay in play until more up come), Free Spins feature with random wilds and also The MegaJackpot at 3 million coins!

Online Slot Game Theme

The 2019 release is taking us on a ship somewhere in the ocean. Now, we cannot say for sure whether or not these female sailors are here to work on this ship that has been left abandoned at sea – but what if they’re only scenery? It’s possible there will be some fashion show happening with all of them looking so beautiful hanging around their designated area near the deck and railing. The reels are set up beautifully just off-center from where Belle stands proudly as she leads those following behind her: Vicky, Betty, Katie & Barbara
’til who knows when!

Venture deep into the sea, and you will find all sorts of treasures. The Scatter that triggers free spins can be found on top of a lighthouse, while some other special symbols are hiding in shells or waiting to give away more loot.

Ocean Belles Mega Jackpo Real Money Slots Game

IGT players can expect to have an even higher chance of winning big with the 2019 release. Beyond triggering a Mega Jackpot, there are also tons of other prizes such as free spins and base game wins available for just 75 coins per spin! The RTP is 92.50% which means that you’ll be able to play at your leisure knowing that IGT’s games offer fantastic odds on every bet made.

The autoplay feature will allow you to sit back and watch the game for a while. If it’s been awhile since your last hit, this is also an option that can provide some great entertainment value. Sit down with a book or in front of Netflix!

Bonus Games

Thanks to Synced Reels, there will be large stacks of the same symbols on each reel. Before each spin, one of the regular icons will be selected to land in stacks. Collect kisses and you’ll get wilds! Every time a red kiss or gold kiss lands anywhere on your reels it’s collected – collect 2 red kisses or two gold ones for extra bonuses: Wild Stays 2 Plays (the first reel becomes permanently wild), Free Spins (3 scatters trigger bonus rounds).

Gamers can pick for themselves how many free spins they want to take, and how many wild reels they want per spin. Land three, four or five scatters to trigger 15, 45, or 90 freebies with 1 wild reel; 10-60 Free Spins with 2 Wild Reels; 5-30 Free Spins/Spin (depending on your bet)with 3 Wild Reels Per Spin! With every play there’s a chance of winning the Mega Jackpot–get lucky by getting all five Golden Kisses in one spot and you’ll be awarded an instant prize worth up $500+!! Remember that the higher your bets are during this game mode is what gives you access to bigger prizes thanks their progressive system.


Players need to collect five golden kiss icons, one on each reel in order to win the Mega Jackpot. The higher you bet, the bigger your chances are of winning top prize for yourself! Land three or more scatters and watch as free spins fly out across a maximum of 90 spots and up to 3 wild reels appear at once- giving any player an even greater chance at becoming a winner with this game’s features that come into play just by landing those scatter symbols anywhere they land including both left AND right side columns simultaneously One Hour Bonus games can be triggered through these same rules; what do we have here? A RTP not far from 92% – it may not be quite so high but it is still very good when compared against others

Kiss Icons can get you on a wild ride. Collect two of them and they’ll stay put for the next round, where if anything goes right it will just keep getting better in this 2018 release!

I know what your life’s been like lately so go ahead and take some time to play with these Kiss Icon symbols that are always ready when you need ’em most. Two icons means double the fun as well as an extra chance at winning big bucks with our exciting new title from International Gaming Technology (IGT). The game is available around the world but before we let loose why not check here first?

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