Plants Vs Zombies Backyard Showdown Free Slot Machine

Plants vs Zombies Backyard Showdown Slots

The Free Backyard Showdown Slot Machine – Instant Play Game offers you a relaxed way to endure the zombie invasion. The visuals are slightly outdated, but it’s still as fun and addictive as ever!

IGT’s release of Plants Vs Zombies slot also takes slight liberties with symbol designs, but it’s nothing that’ll ruin your enjoyment. That said, we do like how the user interface was designed to fit in with the Plants vs Zombies look this game has and compared to some games we’ve reviewed, this release still holds up quite well. It doesn’t look so bad you won’t be able to play-it! But where this slot truly shines is its gameplay! The developers went out of their way ensure that playing feels as close as possible– almost real enough!–to what gamers are used to from PvsZ original incarnation back on PC or console gaming systems.

The 5×3 board with 243 ways to win is a great way for you and your friends or family members to get some zombie-fighting practice! Although luck plays the biggest role in this game, plants that land on the board will trigger different effects. And during certain features it’ll feel like you’re playing Plants vs Zombies right from home–without all of those pesky zombies eating up all your hard work. The only downside? You can’t position these plants yourself when they go onto the field… but who cares if that means winning one of our progressive jackpots!

Plants Vs Zombies Backyard Showdown Slots Real Money

I always thought IGT was the king of slots. But now that they’ve released 243 Ways to Win, where there are no paylines required and you can bet between GBP 0.50 up to GBP 2.50 on each spin, it feels like their crown might be slipping! You just need a stake of at least PS0.04 for an entry into this progressive jackpot slot game with plenty of bonuses all around–you won’t regret playing!

The developers of Plants vs Zombies: Backyard Showdown know what they’re doing. With three progressive jackpots and a 96% RTP, this game is sure to keep players coming back for more! Plus with special features that depend on which icons you collect in the game, it will be easy to feel like each round has something new. This makes every win different so no two rounds are exactly alike- there’s always an element of surprise waiting at the end!

For the plants to win, they need to kill all the zombies. But if even one zombie gets through, they will have won by default. Each time a plant or zombie dies you are granted random cash prizes that fill your pockets and make life easier for yourself! If you guess correctly three times in a row then an extra prize is awarded which ranges from 5x up 200x depending on how many guesses were correct before it was achieved. The bonus symbols of “2” can activate two special features: Night-time Bonus where players click graves revealing different types of prizes; Graveyard Bonus with an opportunity to reveal either zombies worth money or flowers also giving away coins among other things

I never thought I would be so excited about zombies, but that was before the zombie apocalypse. Once we’re all sitting in a bunker and trying to decide who gets eaten first, it’ll make sense. Why? Zombies are going to break into your house one of these days! You can’t stay safe for long with those things roaming around outside – no matter how much barricades you put up or guns you buy at the store (or both). Better start getting used to being surrounded by them if you want any chance of survival because each time they find their way closer and right now there’s only sixteen cash prizes on offer during our daytime special feature game instead of eighty-four like last year!.


When we first played Plants vs Zombies: Backyard Showdown, our jaws dropped to the floor. It’s a slot that is both fun and has an accurate recreation of one of the most popular video games ever made! There are plenty special features as well – some complex with different effects on plants or zombies. Once you get used to it though, there will be no way for you too put this game down!

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