Poseidon Online Casino Slots Review

Poseidon Slots

Free Poseidon Slots – The Sea God’s Riches
Deep beneath the pretty blue waves lies Poseidon’s kingdom! The vast seas are ruled by this Greek deity, who has amassed a great deal of wealth in his time. And now he invites you on an epic journey to explore these riches and compete for generous payouts such as Free Spins with 10X Multiplier or 20x more your bet amount when 3 Rainbow Scatters show up anywhere on the reels. Will you have what it takes to earn his favor and return home triumphant? Or will you find yourself lost beneath the waves, with nothing but old coins that can’t even buy bread from sailors anymore? We don’t have much good things to say

Really, the best way to describe them is average. The only thing that really stood out were the cute symbol designs. We can only imagine how difficult it would be to make jewellery look like that in real life! What’s more interesting are their backgrounds which seem static at first but actually have little bursts of bubbles every now and then – IGT has gone all-out for this release by including 243 ways to win with Poseidon giving you extra opportunities through both Ways Win feature (paid), so if winning has been on your mind lately, just start playing these games!

When you’re looking for prizes, it doesn’t have to be all about right and left! For example, with our free spins round and Wild 2x multiplier on a win – what’s not to love?

Poseidon Slots Real Money

This slot uses IGT’s newer layout. The background image looks cool, but the colour scheme doesn’t quite match it and changing your bet isn’t easy to do! Fortunately, you can improve this slightly by enabling two ways win. This doubles the cost of each spin so players are only able to stake a maximum of GBP 2.50 on each spin – not bad for five-of-a kind Scatter prizes worth 100x their wager!

The amount of effort you have to put in for a prize really isn’t worth your time. As we said, the RTP is unknown and some sources say it has 96% while others call that into question because they don’t come from an official source. Enable Two Ways Win so be able to score prizes both left-to-right and right-to-left

This doubles the cost of every spin, but also drastically increases your chances at winning. Collect three or more chests to win a cash prize and 30 free spins. Every time you get Poseidon Wilds on the screen it will double any symbol that is substituted for them (i.e doubled value!). Unfortunately they cannot replace chests or Scatters so this limits their effects quite severely.”


We know it sounds like a trap, but sometimes you just want to go with the safe option. For those who enjoy grind-heavy games or feel drawn towards mindless entertainment without worry of losing their life savings in one spin, we recommend taking advantage of this title while they still have access!

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