Prowling Panther Slot Machine

Prowling Panther Slots

Free Prowling Panther Slot Machine Game
Prowling Panthers are among the most feared predators in Amazonian jungles. Their sleek black coats and piercing green eyes will make you feel tranquil on one hand, yet petrified of their potential to pounce at any moment with a blood-curdling roar! If this sounds like something that might interest you then take a look at IGT’s new game: Free Prowling Panther slot machine game. With its namesake animal as symbols, players can go deep into the jungle exploring for riches – Golden Panthers await behind each door while Toucan Birds and Red Parrots provide beautiful visual appeal alongside these fierce felines from down south America!

The first thing that will catch your eye when you enter Prowling Panther is the colourful 80s arcade style design. There are 720 win ways on a 3-4-5, 4-3 grid and many opportunities to form left to right combinations. This results in higher payouts for more than one string of wins as well!

A Prowling Panther may be one of the best slots to play if you’re a beginner. It only takes 50 coins worth, and is easy enough for anyone who wants an accessible game with some variables in it. You can also change coin values by using commands at the bottom of the screen- so beginners don’t have to start out on $1 or something like that!

The Golden Panther is one of the most innovative and unique features in slot machines. The 2X Wild Symbol may land anywhere on reels 2, 3, and 4 replacing almost all icons with just a few exceptions–and when it completes combinations this wild symbol will be counted as two instead of one! When players get five consecutive symbols from here they’ll unlock 8 extra spins which are played again an alternate set to awards 1x bet multiplier each time that triggering combination lands. If you’re lucky enough there’s even the possibility for several such triggers at once during your bonus mode play!

The retro design is what sets this game apart from other slot games. It’s a great way to enjoy the re-triggerable Free Spins mode that can literally shower you with hundreds of free spins without spending any money!

The slot machine Prowling Panther is a higher stakes game that can be enjoyed by players who are confident with their skills and the risks they take. The Free Spins will only come into play once you have managed to collect 5 Golden Panthers, which has its own set of challenges but also opportunities for additional combinations and spins if successful. If successfully completed, these Free Spins even allow bettors to increase bets as high as $500!

Prowling Panther may not be the king of slots, but it’s a lion. You’ll find plenty of Free Spins and regular payouts in this jungle-themed slot machine: just don’t expect any big multipliers that you can actually use to your advantage!

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