Rocket Man Slots Review

Rocket Man Slots

“Rocket Man” is a space age, retro-themed slot machine game that pays homage to the daring adventures of NASA astronauts.

Play Rocket Man for free or real money – an online casino game with its own set of twists and turns. Race your way across galaxies in reels packed full of rocketships while you get ready to blast off into outer space!

Rocket Man Online Casino Slots Game

No one can deny the classic sounds of a slot machine being played, and this is just what you will find in Rocket Man. Beginning with that familiar sound as players press down on the spin button to start their game, IGT has released another hit for its customers. Players who are looking for an interesting mix between new slots technology combined with old school graphics should be sure not to miss out on this 5 reel 99 pay line slot!

This game is a great way for fans of the original cartoon to revive memories. The main symbols mostly relate to the superhero theme, so you’ll come across Rocket Man himself, a beautiful damsel in distress and female reporter among others on this exciting adventure taking place only on your reels! You can trigger an atomic power jar as well – it’s key to our Scatter symbol. This will help unlock some lucrative bonuses that are sure to have players coming back again and again

Soaring through the air in a blue and white biplane, you fly over New York City to see the bright lights of Times Square below. As your plane flies past one of those iconic skyscrapers that litter Manhattan’s skyline, something catches your attention: it is an atomic power jar! You look up at all three screens to find out if any have landed on reel 1-3; luckily they did not so now every spin could lead you closer towards landing another symbol for free spins or even more cash prizes! Can’t wait until next time? Well good news – Rocket Man slots has its own Free Games feature which can be re-triggered again after each successful round by landing 3 Atomic Power Jars anywhere on screen once before triggering

If you’re looking for an exciting time, then this slot game is perfect for your needs! The special bonus round will have the reels automatically spinning and Wilds popping up more regularly to boost your chances of winning. Plus there’s also Tumbling Reels where symbols that form a combo disappear on-screen in order to be replaced by new ones; hopefully leading into another possible win. Furthermore, with five Rocket Man symbols lined up across one pay line, players can receive 5,000 coins as their potential maximum prize!

Rocket Man in countries other than the US

Slots enthusiasts from Australia and New Zealand can find this game in many casinos, as can players who are visiting the UK. If you’re a player that is traveling to an area with British casino options, then you’ll be able to play it under their fruit machine section – however they may use different terminology than what’s typically used here in the states. The graphics of these games are like Da Vinci diamonds: where symbols fall down at random and explode when winning rows align themselves on screen; ready for reels again!

The thrill of winning is multiplied with the 15 free spins. You’ll have more chances to win!

The vast number of ways you can win on a single spin means that there are dozens and maybe even hundreds that come up in just one round, giving everyone at least one chance for success.

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