Sex And The City Slots Review

Sex and the City Slots

It’s hard for ladies to find time when we’re at work, at the gym, or out on a date. But now you can enjoy all of your favorite moments from Sex and The City with our new slot game! With no pop-up ads or spam – just pure fun.

Sex and The City Slot Machine

The Sex and the City slot machine was hugely popular when it first came out, but like a lot of ‘big brand’ movie or TV-based slots, is rarely seen in Vegas now. The game has 4 games within one: you can play all at once for maximum adrenaline rushes; each pay 50 cents minimum bet to win on any lines; winning pays huge sums if luck is ever on your side!

Sex and The City slots is a game that you cannot miss, if only to see the sights! It’s 4-in-1 slot so players can enjoy many different type of games all in one. This has ensured it remains popular for 2010 through 2011 as well!

Is Playing this Game a Great Way to Get a Date?

A surprisingly large number of men play this game, and it’s no wonder – women are most likely to be the ones playing. With so many single people on these games, players have found a perfect place for romance! Just sit next to someone you like the look of during bonus rounds and start up some conversation about the game. One downside is that you need quite a bit in order to really enjoy yourself when using multi-screen versions (minimum $2 per spin).

You can play the slots for just a penny, but if you don’t have luck at first and spend all your money on expensive machines like that one guy I saw last week do with his $10 in-machine cash, then move to cheaper games.

Sex and The City Slots Bonus Games

One of the best things about this new game is that there are so many different bonus games to try out. Each character has their own style and way of playing, whether its shopping or just exploring all these amazing places. There’s even a special game for Mr Big!

Play Real Money Slots Online

The most popular slot game in the world is now available at nearly all casinos in Las Vegas. Visitors to casinos outside of Nevada, however, will be disappointed that they might not have a chance to play this highly addictive and exciting new form of entertainment. The massive scale floor plan for some gaming facilities prevents them from including more games-which could explain why there are no plans yet for these large slots machines anywhere else but here on Sin City’s famous Strip!

Why are the casinos in Nassau and Grand Bahama never able to provide roulette? You can always request it, but what’s stopping them from just adding it themselves. I bet if enough people ask for this game they would be more than happy to add it – who knows!

Neither does the casino in Nassau or Grand Bahama have a Roulette table that is currently open. Why not try calling up and asking about getting one added; you might even get lucky!

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