Smash The Pig Online Casino Slots Review

Smash the Pig Slots

The free Smash the Pig slot machine is a fun game to play for anyone who loves slots. There are some simple graphics with an odd charm that makes it stand out among other games in its category, and as such it has us intrigued about what could be next from IGT!

What could be more basic than a green field, blue skies and some light clouds? Well you’ve seen it all before. But what makes this app different is the small details; how Sun shines behind reels or how everything near the sun has slight yellow tint to them! The cartoony violence towards animals may not appeal everyone but gameplay was really fun for us – at first glance we couldn’t tell that there were any differences in controls from other games like these but then when we started playing, found it quite challenging & really enjoyed trying out new ways of beating our high score.

The pigs are here to spoil your day! They pop up, and you have the opportunity of chasing them down with a special multiplier or cash prize. But don’t be fooled by their cuteness– they can also cause havoc if you’re not careful enough. With 20 fixed paylines that only go left to right, this game is guaranteed for laughs at each turn!

Smash the Pig Slots Real Money

With a new IGT layout for this game, it will not be radically different from what you’re used to. The big advantage is streamlining your total bets. You can now stake up to GBP 400 on each spin and the betting spread is awesome for casual players and high rollers alike! No one should have trouble scoring the best possible cash prize without help of any special features that are in store

But there’s always a theoretical chance you could walk away with a 10,000 coin jackpot without them! All you have to do is score five-of-a kind win of the most valuable and rare symbol available in IGT’s release. Easy, right? At least we access RTP information which sits between 92% and 96%. It’s not as bad as some other slots we played before but it still puts Smash The Pig beneath average worthiness – find 3 or more Scattered pig icons to cash out one of four awards:

* Random multiplier between 1x and 20x the total bet

The Pig Smashing game is triggered when you have a multiplier between 1x and 15x the total bet. The player has one pick chance to smash or pass on pigs for additional prizes, but if they select “smash,” then all of their picks are forfeited.

* All available prizes

Meanwhile, collecting three or four Bonus symbols activates the Pig Smashing special feature. Each bonus icon also adds more luck to your Luck Meter. These pigs will walk in straight lines until they come into contact with a wall- this means that if you’re lucky enough to be on their path and have some of these multiplier icons lined up just right for you, each pig can award between 1x – 20X! Once all of them are smashed (or move off screen), any leftover luck from your meter runs out; what’s left is given back at random rates so it might not even give anything away when the last pig leaves.]


In all honesty, we are really glad that IGT has been taking more risks lately. And with Smash the Pig as their latest release, they most definitely didn’t disappoint! The game is innovative and fun; it was a resounding success in our opinion. We hope this encourages them to take even MORE chances on new releases because honestly? Our hopes for these games continue sky high after playing such an awesome title like Smash the Pig! !

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