Stinkin Rich Slots Review

Stinkin Rich Slots

No time for casinos? Try your luck with a different kind of game. Play Stinkin Rich slots and the chance to become rich overnight!

Stinkin Rich casino slots: a Las Vegas classic

A Vegas old-school classic, The Stinkin Rich slot game is a blast from the past. A time when video slots were in their infancy and Cleopatra or Wheel of Fortune weren’t legends yet. Here we have a free version to play with no download required and no pop-ups–all you need do is click on the button, spin reels for some nice features like multipliers that can be used as an extra boost during your spins!

Stinkin Rich is different from a lot of the other games because it has that cartoon fun to it, which was popular when video slots first appeared in Vegas. The game also includes bonus rounds with animations instead of just having one simple free spins round like most modern slot machines do nowadays. Although Stinkin Rich isn’t exactly similar to classics such as Lobstermania or Texas Tea (which are very old), they have some similarities and players who enjoyed those two may enjoy this one too!

Bonus Features

Stinkin Rich has two bonus rounds to explore. This is very common in a lot of older, or traditional video slot games with IGT and it offers you both free spins as well as picking cash from the trash. You can get 5 free spins for triggering paylines multiplied by how many are triggered; when you hit 3 symbols on your screen that say ‘cash for trash’, then an automatic win will be granted

You might feel like you’re about to go broke when the cards have all been dealt and your opponent has more than a few of their own face-up, but don’t lose faith. There are still ways for you to make back some money in this game if things aren’t going so well.

If luck hasn’t exactly gone your way at first glance then take heart because there is always an opportunity here or two that will allow players who are down on their luck and running out cash (or just need something else) from getting completely cleaned out as they continue playing; no matter what happens with one hand it’s only natural that sooner or later fortune will swing around again, giving everyone another chance at putting together strong hands without having

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