Sumatran Storm Slots Review

Sumatran Storm Slots

Millions of people around the world are enjoying a brand new slot machine from Sumatra called “Sumatran Storm.” The game features an impressive design with eye-catching animations and has been available for free play in web browsers since mid January.

Millions of players have already enjoyed this innovative title, which was designed by Microgaming – one of the leading creators in software development.

Sumatran Storm Slot Machine

Siberian Storm might be your go-to game for winter, but if you’ve grown tired of the snow and ice, maybe it’s time to visit Sumatra. This beautiful island in Southeast Asia is home not only to critically endangered Sumatran tigers–but a brand new IGT classic called “Sumatran Storm.” With Siberian Storm’s MultiWay Xtra feature included, this tropical paradise has been warmly welcomed by those who have enjoyed playing at land based casinos before!

You might think that this game is so good it deserves to be released online, but did you know?

The hard truth of the matter is only popular games make their way onto our computers and mobile devices. This article tells us all about one such title worth checking out.

Let’s explore it in detail and see if that’s really the case.

Sumatran Storm is a fiery slot machine with features that give this game an edge. With the MultiWay Xtra feature, symbols will pay in both directions and you can win up to 720 ways!

Wild Tiger will land only on the 3 middle ones and frequently appear stacked, but does not propose to take place of the game’s Scatter and Bonus icons. It will, however, stand in for Sumatran tigers with emerald necklaces that are worth a lot! The scatter has no special powers except for being able to pay up 50x your total stake when five-of-a kind pops out. If any bonus symbols pop up then you can activate this by getting 5 free spins for every time it appears as long as they’re anywhere else other than those tricky corners where everything goes green

Every additional occurrence of Tiger Eyes combo adds 5 spins on the house, potentially resulting in up to 150 free rounds with stacked Wilds. You can enjoy impressive winning sequences and a highly pleasing end result.

Real Money Play

Sumatran Storm features an RTP of 93.23% to 96.56%, a minimum bet of PS0.60, and is not for low-rollers! If you have more than average budget available then feel free to wager as much as PS300 per round on this game in order to collect the 6 figure jackpot delivered by five Scatters

In the 1990s, Sumatra tigers were pushed out of their habitat by Siberian Tigers. This made it hard for them to find food and compete with other animals. However, in 2009 a breeding program was started that has been successful so far! The current goal is 300 individual Sumatran tigers over 10 years which sounds like an amazing accomplishment for such a noble animal.

“Even though some would argue the developer is just “milking a success for all it’s worth,” there are others who feel that both titles have created an impressive following.”


What do you get when an award-winning game is made even better? As with many ‘follow-up’ games, this one is pretty much identical to the original Siberian Storm penny slot machine game. Apart from the graphics and sound have changed – which might seem like a bad thing, but it’s actually really good fun! The bonus rounds are refreshing and there’s plenty of opportunity for big payouts. A lot of people often play this during those days they’re missing their favorite stormy action in Siberia on TV… And if it isn’t paying out then that just means more time spent playing other great slots instead 🙂

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