Treasure Hunt Online Slot Machine

Treasure Hunt Slots

Even though this game is difficult, it has a way of captivating you with its challenge. When I finally beat the levels for myself and felt that sense of accomplishment in my brain, I couldn’t help but feel truly satisfied!

Free Treasure Hunt Slot Machine – Instant Play Game

The game is difficult, but it’s challenging. After finally beating each level for myself and feeling the sense of accomplishment in my brain, I couldn’t help but feel truly satisfied!

Treasure Hunt Slots

Ever since time immemorial man has been asking himself a simple question, “How can I earn as much money and status with the least amount of effort?” That desire propelled humanity from living in caves to dominating their home planet. And while it had its good and bad aspects that chase led us into most common adventure stories: chasing after treasure! For glory, wealth or loot our heroes will set sail across the seven seas for success is only dependent on you dear reader! We’ve played lot’s of IGT slots which have given way to many slot machine games.

This is one of the older games on this list, and we usually praise developers for incorporating cool parts from physical machines without emulating them. But Treasure Hunt unabashedly tries to sound like a real machine with heavy clicks as if each spin physically turns in your hands. And then there are all those annoying sounds meant to increase excitement that will be blaring out your speakers or headphones–if you’re looking for something exciting, this game just isn’t it!

With a 5×3 board and 30 fixed paylines which pays left to right only, it’s quite standard to begin with. Special features offer little in the way of variety but one symbol can turn adjacent areas into Wilds. Beyond that all bonuses are exactly what you would expect from any game – there’s free spins rounds, regular Wild symbols and gamble specials feature for example.

Treasure Hunt Slots Real Money

In Treasure Hunt, your total stake is determined by the coin denomination and credits per payline. A five-of-a-kind Wild win can net you 1000x what you wagered!

Treasure Hunt is a pirate themed slot game that gives you the chance to win big. Of course, your odds are low if this was any other game but thanks to these ship icons being able make extra Wilds, they have been boosted! If we had access to the RTP of this release in order for us to know whether or not it’s worth trying out Treasure Hunting blind… Unfortunately we couldn’t find it which means all bets are off and now you can start spinning before risking anything!

Collect three, four or five gold chest Scatters to win ten, twenty or one hundred free spins respectively. You also get a cool cash prize on top of that! Another symbol to keep an eye out is a ship peacefully sailing underneath the large Moon. These flames will spread when this icon lands and create Wilds which increase your odds of landing a big win! After each win you are able to guess the colour/symbol of face-down card; if correct it doubles in amount for you – double trouble with these wins!

You win some, you lose some.

In the world of gambling, there are no winners or losers–only people who play and those that don’t. For every “lucky slot machine player” out there winning more than they lost (or even breaking-even), it’s likely that another person is losing their money just as fast if not faster to a roulette table at a casino in Las Vegas.


Treasure Hunt is a simple and sweet slot machine that the player will enjoy as they find it easy to understand with satisfying mechanics. The only concern we have are for its lack of RTP information, which may be addressed by IGT in time – but until then Treasure Hunt remains somewhat below average.

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