Tricolore s Real Money Casino Slots Review

Tricolore 7s Slots

Play Tricolore 7s for free to see if you have what it takes. You can play with other players or by yourself and stake as much money as you like!

Tricolore 7s Slot Machine

Tricolore 7s is a three-reel, one payline slot machine published by IGT. This game stands out as it does not have any special features which are usually found in other modern day slots like bonus rounds and free spins.

Online Slot Theme

This developer built their brand name of excellent physical machines. That history never left their DNA, and it shines through clearly in this release’s design. Tricolore 7s is inspired by the Italian flag, and displays their colours proudly on a background so clean you can see your reflection against its polished surface while playing with even more clarity than any other slot machine out there that might be found in real casinos around the world! The reels themselves are covered from edge to edge with bars – three types of them actually: plain silver ones which pay according to what number they land on; gold-coloured bars worth 50x bet if matched up correctly for lining up 3 or 4 across anywhere along either reel (but watch out as those will only

The Italian flag is a beautiful design, and it’s great that IGT takes advantage of the distinctive colors to create some really eye-catching symbols. The bar symbol in green stands out nicely against white background (and vice versa), while sevens are set off by their red backdrop – both designs pop with color! It incentivizes you to form colour wins or try for bigger prizes as possible recreations of Italy’s national banner appear on the screen.

Tricolore 7s Real Money Online Slot

The game may look simple, but it can still create some powerful prizes. The best possible win will get you a nice 2500x jackpot! Achieving this win is more difficult due to the high volatility of this title, and most players are happy with an RTP that exceeds industry average at 96.24%. Players bet anywhere between $0.01-$100 on each spin-high rollers might be disappointed by these limits though!

You’re in control of your money and will never have to worry about accidentally betting more than you can afford. Save time by using Auto Play on those days when waiting for the reels to stop is just too much work!

Bonus Games

The game Tricolore 7s is a slot that only offers one special feature instead of the typical two, like with most slots. The absence of Wild symbols makes up for an interesting and uniquely structured paytable to try your luck on. Wins can be made by matching three blank fields or different icons with corresponding colors in any combination you want; bars and sevens also count as valid winning combinations when they’re part of the same color groupings (i.e., red bar = 3 red 7’s).


It is important to remember that the order of colors does not matter, as long as they match. For example two red bars and one red seven would be a valid winning combination on this slot machine. If you get three blank fields then you will receive a minimal cash prize but no Wilds or Scatters in this game!

You can set the number of auto spins as well as loss and single win limits while setting up Auto Play.

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