Water Dragons Slots Review

Water Dragons Slots

Water Dragons Slot Review:
A nod to the Japanese nature and their legends, Water Dragon brings out the best in what is known as ‘Asian beauty’. Strategically, the slot is not tailored to suit extreme high rollers. However, bettors with strong ambitions can place their wagers and ‘bet big’ on a water dragon online slot named after themselves – but hope for larger winning chances! The game itself has an Asian-themed feel which might be expected from its name alone; however it also offers interesting features like multipliers that help transform any small win into something much bigger than you could have imagined before your turn at this free slots machine

Water Dragons is a slot machine developed by the creative people at IGT. Although it’s not one of their most famous slots, this game has many fans and provides an enjoyable experience for those looking to play online with some beautiful background music playing in the backdrop! You’ll find yourself immersed in lush art depicting underwater creatures that will take you into another world – or so they say… The graphics are vibrant and fittingly Oriental-themed, but whether they’re truly “the nicest” remains subjective; what we can tell from first hand observation is that these effects make gameplay exciting. And since calming sound affects such as water flow might evoke more frequent trips off to use the toilet than usual during your visit here (been there! ), be sure to

The most distinguishable quality of Water Dragons is the beautiful design and esthetic symbols on screen, including koi fish, lotus flowers, pagodas bonsai trees and dragonflies. Strangely enough there are no water dragons!

The legend says the koi carps become dragons when they swim upstream, so perhaps that’s what IGT developers had in mind. The Wild symbol is the game’s logo; it only appears on reels 2 to 5, substituting for every other icon with the exception of oyster Scatter.

The special pearl symbol on reel 5 is the key to turning all other koi fish symbols Wild. Once you catch three pearls, they will turn one more koi into a wild and then it’ll start again with another red-pearled white goldfish!

How Much Money can You Win?

You’ll need to know some things about the game before you can really start playing for real money at your preferred IGT-powered online casino. The red koi fish is worth 1000 coins max, and the rest will yield a maximum of 750, 400, or 300 coins respectively. There are no jackpots to be won in this slot machine but it still has high quality visuals that make games more interesting than they would otherwise be with lower graphics on other machines out there today; additionally related tunes provide an enjoyable experience while spinning those reels round as long as we include them both amongst our expectations when first choosing where we want to play slots too like here!

Dragons are known for their unpredictability, and they’re not alone. You never know if you will get a Dragon in your present or past with these Water Dragons! The best thing about them is that it doesn’t matter how much of your money you put into the pot because once free games start up on any spin, all paylines count as winning ones. One cool aspect to this system is that Scatter symbols can trigger Free Games even when there aren’t enough paying lines activated by wagers made during regular game play which means players don’t have to take risks so high just enjoy some candy from time-to-time!

Water Dragons always keep us guessing: one minute we’re feeling our luckiest

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