Mobile Casino App: What Should Be Taken into Account?

The technological development of the last decade has meant an infinite number of possibilities for mobile games. The arcade was replaced by computers with the rise of the Internet and, progressively, the latter with mobile devices. Each one with its different characteristics and it’s positive and negative aspects that, without doubt, have been trapped in popular culture.In the case of the arcade, or machine games, had its peak in the eighties, with fairly rudimentary versions if compared to those that exist today, but very sophisticated considering the time.

In the early lights of those virtual games, the casinos did not take place until the nineties. Microgaming, the casino software developer, took action. It started with online poker games that were quickly joined by slots and other table versions. The casinos received with genuine enthusiasm the new invention and, during the next ten years, versions that succeeded with better graphics, interesting themes, and endearing music were emerging.

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Online casino gamesmobile casino

In 1998, when Google is created, all possibilities for online casino games begin to be evaluated. Considering the scope of the Internet and the dimensions that the great search engine represented, the decade of 2000 brought the opening of many web pages that today are part of daily life. It was at that time, in addition, that the video games of casino moved to a website.

That’s how it was maintained and maintained. The functionality of an online casino allows users to have fun and try their favorite games from the comfort of their homes. As the money that is bet is one hundred percent real, the intention of the land casinos is not lost, to which also millions of people go every year.

Mobile games: a concept

The last decade is translated as the most fascinating for smart devices. The rise of Android and iOs operating systems has allowed players to access their favorite websites and casino applications from any laptop, tablet or cell phone with an Internet connection.

As mentioned before, this way of betting is incipient compared to the traditional gaming rooms that have been running for more than a century, but its prosperity in terms of popularity (or a number of downloads) is what has increased the launch of new mobile applications to play connected to the network.

All this set of applications, available in Google Play stores or Apple Store, is downloaded for free – although the credits to play must be completely authentic. Even so and taking advantage of the opportunity provided by these platforms, beta versions have also been released at no cost.

Difference? From there, users can only practice their favorite casino tournaments, without getting or giving any kind of credit.

Instant vs. Versions Mobile casinos

In the days that run, downloading a casino game takes less than a couple of minutes – considering the weight of the file. However, this was not the case all the time. When the first mobile applications began to develop, the broadband limit could make download take hours or, in the worst case, days.

Frustrated, many players decided to stay in online casinos with an Internet connection, until finally the Internet providers took action and improved the connection speed. Downloads of all kinds flooded computers and portable devices, and casino room applications were no exception.

However, this created a rivalry between the sites that offered instant versions of the games and the applications that were developed based on the former. Both, for its advantages and disadvantages, divided a sector of players increasingly demanding in terms of design and programming.

In the case of instant casino games, they provide a variety of games without the need to download any software. The diversity factor, plus the convenience it supposes for the players, is what makes this a popular and reliable alternative.

The biggest disadvantage of this type of games, however, is that you lose the updates and versions with better interfaces. Maybe, thirty years ago this would not have made any difference, but considering the turn of people towards the iconic and visual, the graphics are worthy of value when developing software of this type.

That’s exactly when the work of the creators of applications for download is appreciated. It is a more complex work, it is true, but it is generally done neatly, open to improvements and exempt from the deterioration that at some point makes a dent in Internet games.

Some users, in their eagerness to save their favorite games on portable devices, look for download versions. This is possible to do, but it also sacrifices the graphics and some functions that are inherent in online casino rooms. That is the first reason -and principal- for which there are downloadable and non-downloadable versions.

The applications for cell phones and tablets also present their failures; being the most important limitations to start the session. For example, in instant casino versions – that is, those played online – progress is automatically saved each time the person closes the session.

For applications, unless they are installed and with the data recorded, a new session must be started each time it is downloaded to another device. Logically, there are backup copies that save much of the progress, but for users not familiar with those actions, the easiest way is to use online casinos.

Similarities and differences between the online casino and the mobile game

The first – and perhaps only – the similarity between both options is the interaction that exists between users. Whether it’s an Internet platform or an application for Android or iOS, players always have access to conversations with their opponents. In addition, the tournaments are carried out equally and the global reach allows interconnecting people from all over the world.

The differences that separate them, however, do not take long to be present; interacting with the interface. This means that while a casino room is apt to be played from the screen of a computer, it can be altered if it is opened on a mobile device.

That restricts, in a certain way, the access to online games, because in the absence of compatibility, forcing the game could only trigger damage to the screen of the cell or table.

On the other hand, mobile casinos, although they compensate in the design of graphics, must adjust to a storage space that allows downloading them. This translates as a reduction in the amount and variety of games available. The evil that online casino websites do not suffer from.


Both versions of games suffer from an evil that puts them at a disadvantage from where you look: the restriction. Some countries, whose policies consider random activities as a dishonest way to make money, will be able to put hundreds of obstacles to prevent players’ access. Even prohibit them altogether.

In this particular, downloadable applications have a little more advantage than online casino websites. However, this front is very minimal if stores like Google Play or Apple Store also consider restrictions and block downloads.

A thriving business

As it is not known with certainty what the technology holds, it is impossible to affirm the extent to which online casino games and applications of that same genre will arrive. What is valid is that they will continue to grow, attracting more players around the world.



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