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The global mobile density is growing at a rapid pace. According to ITU, the world mobile density in the Mobile Casinos year 2011 was 87%. It is estimated that the figure may touch 100% by the year 2017. Another important survey depicts that 30% of the mobile phone users surfs the mobile internet or mobile games. 

This may be the reason why mobile casinos have a wider reach than land based and online casinos. The global mobile casino sector transfers an average of 2.5 million dollars a day. There is no doubt that the real figures will go higher when considering the mobile and desktop integrated platforms. This article throws light into the details of the popular mobile casino platforms and its features.


android logoThe popular mobile casino platforms include:

Symbian mobile casino games

Symbian is the first smart phone platform and still holds the highest number of gambling game applications. You can find around 122 mobile websites that provide sis mobile gambling softwares. You may hardly find an online streaming mobile casino game for Symbian platform. 

Most of the casino games on this platform are available as applications with a ‘dot sis’ extension. There are five generations of Symbian platforms available today. The second and fourth generation Symbian platforms have the majority of the live mobile casino applications in the internet. Numerous Symbian hub offers hassle free mobile casino upgrades. Symbian version 5 series can host applications with rich graphic properties.

Android mobile casino games

Android is one of the fastest growing mobile platforms in the world. More than 18 leading mobile manufacturers around the globe relays on Android platform. Most of the mobile casino game providers have launched android version of their popular games. Android mobile casino softwares can be upgraded directly from the application links and marking the auto-upgrading options enables the software to upgrade itself when there is new software available in the market. 

Android platform can host high-resolution games with 2D and 3D specifications. Android is considered as one of the best future mobile operating system. The best part is that, Android device hardly affects virus infection as they are programmed in a unique way that is hard to unlock.

Java mobile casino games

Java is the most leading mobile phone platform and almost all mobile phones in the world support Java software (except some premium mobile phone versions). Java is the first mobile platform to host a mobile casino game application. Most of the basic GPRS enabled phones are working in the Java platform and hosts low graphic standard mobile casino games.

 Interestingly, you may also see many non – GPRS Java mobile phones with preinstalled offline casino games like dice and mahjong. If you are looking for a mobile casino application that suits for the Java platform, always select offline applications, which use the network after the game to send the game details.

 Because, most of the basic Java phones have less memory backup and real time streaming may hang the phone and may alter the results. It is recommended to free the phone memory by transferring all the unnecessary data to the memory card or to your computer.

Windows mobile casino games

Windows is one of the popular mobile phone platforms, which support feature rich mobile casino applications. Windows can host gambling games that require real time online streaming. It can also host games with higher graphic resolutions. 

The benefit of windows mobile casino games is that the data can be synchronised with a computer equipped with windows operating system. That means, if you require to initiate a money transaction (online mobile casino game fee payment) you can do it via computer on behalf of your windows smart phone.

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